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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Participants Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for park and recreation programs in this community represents a significant commitment of financial and human resources.  The benefit a participant derives from this investment depends very much on the participant’s attitude towards the program and the participant’s adherence to accept standards of behavior.

The Code of Conduct that follows is the Department’s guidelines to define misconduct that could lead to specific disciplinary consequences. These definitions provide information and directions to participants regarding standards of behavior as well as consequences of misconduct.

Each participant is expected to do the following:

  • Demonstrate courtesy even when others do not.
  • Behave in a responsible manner, always exercising self-discipline.
  • Respect the rights and privileges of other participants and city staff.
  • Respect the property of others, including city property and facilities.
  • Cooperate with or assist the city staff in maintaining safety, order and discipline.

Unacceptable behaviors include the following:

  • Being involved in an instance of any form of insubordination.
  • Failure to conform to the laws and rules of Metro Nashville Government.
  • Use of profanity, vulgar language or obscene gestures.
  • Defacing / Damaging Metro Nashville Government property or the property of others.
  • Engaging in inappropriate physical or verbal contact and / or gang activity.
  • Running, pushing, shoving, littering or throwing objects (which are not part of a supervised activity.)
  • Producing loud, rude or unnecessary noises.
  • Involvement with drugs, alcohol or weapons.

Persons behaving in unacceptable manners as listed above may face the following discipline options:

  • Conference with staff and person involved with misbehavior.
  • Conference with staff and parent/legal guardian, when appropriate.
  • If the parent / legal guardian refuse to attend the conference or the person remains disruptive, the person may be restricted from the program.
  • Restitution when appropriate.
  • Notification of the Metro Board of Parks and Recreation and /or Park Police when appropriate.
  • Acts of misbehavior of a violent nature will result in an automatic one (1) year suspension from all Parks & Recreation activities or facilities.

This Code of Conduct applies to all persons participating in any program, service or facility managed and operated by the Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation. Repeated refusal to obey these codes will result in the notification of law enforcement and other appropriate agencies.