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Request for Use of Showmobile

Showmobile Request

Mobile Stage Dimensions
    Mobile Stage when extended
  • Stage Length 32 feet
  • Stage Depth 14 feet
  • Stage Height from Ground 48 to 61 inches, Adjustable (Approximate)
  • Canopy Height from Ground 16 feet, 7 inches @ 48 inch Deck Height (No less than)
  • 17feet, 8 inches @ 61 inch Deck Height (No less than)
  • Down Stage Canopy Height
  • From Stage Floor 12 feet, 4 inches, Approximate
  • Up Stage Ceiling Height
  • From Stage floor 7 feet, Approximate
  • Overall Road Width 8 feet, 6 inches, Approximate
  • Overall Road Length Including Hitch 40 feet
  • Overall Height 13 feet, 3 inches Approximate
Rental Policy


  1. Priority in reserving the Showmobile are:
    1. Metro Parks & Recreation.
    2. Other city departments and governmental units.
    3. Local non-profit, fraternal, community service organizations.
    4. Business and individual use.
  2. The Metro Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to refuse rental of the Mobile Stage for any event deemed a potential hazard to the Showmobile or its operators, or any event deemed not in the best interest of the City of Nashville or general public.

    It is understood that the group or organization using the Showmobile will comply with the laws of the State of Tennessee, the City of Nashville and the following rules set forth by Metro Parks & Recreation.

  1. The Showmobile will not be altered in any way (including hard wiring into the electrical box).
  2. Groups are responsible to see that no drugs or intoxicating liquors are used by persons on the stage.
  3. Groups renting the Showmobile are responsible for notifying other local authorities of their program plans. The Metro Parks & Recreation Department may require a letter of approval/permits from the other authorities prior to rental.
  4. Groups are responsible to see that all activities are properly controlled and supervised. Plans for programs, supervision and control may be asked to be seen prior to scheduled event. Groups are responsible for cleaning up the Showmobile and the area where the Showmobile was used following the event.
  5. Groups will assume responsibility and liability for all persons in attendance. The Metro Parks & Recreation Department requires a certificate of insurance evidencing the liability protection of $1,000,000 bodily injury and $1,000,000 property damage with Metro Parks & Recreation shown as additionally insured.
  6. Groups assume responsibility for any damage to the Showmobile or equipment during the period of use.
  7. All weather related conditions that affect the Showmobile operation will be monitored by the driver, and he/she may at his or her discretion cancel or postpone the use of the Showmobile at any time.

  1. The group requesting use of the Showmobile shall have a representative present at the site at the time the unit is scheduled to arrive. The representative is to direct placement of the unit and accept delivery.
  2. You must provide 2- 4 people, over the age of 18, to help in setting up of the Showmobile upon its' arrival and removal; the number of people will be determined by driver at the pre- event meeting.
  3. The Showmobile will be delivered at the hour specified. Please make sure you allow for a minimum of one hour set up prior to the start of the event. (The Stage is sometimes used more than once a day). It is assumed that any additional time needed, such as sound and lighting set up and take down for performers, be included within the time specified on the application.
  4. The Showmobile may only be set up on solid asphalt surfaces. It cannot be set up in grass or other unstable surfaces. It cannot be set up on sidewalks.
  5. An egress for the truck and trailer to remove itself from the event area shall be provided by the event representative upon completion of the show.

  • Cost for use of the Showmobile is $700 for a 10 hour rental per day for Davidson County Residents and $1,000 for a 10 hour rental for out of county residents.
  • Additional hourly fees will be assessed for going over scheduled end times. Example if an event is scheduled to end at 11 PM and continues to 1 AM, there will be an additional fee for the first hour of $100, and $200 for each additional hour until the stage is cleared and returned, including travel time.
  • Failure to pay any fees accrued during the event will result in loss of any future use of Showmobile.

  • In the event, that for any reason, the Metro Parks & Recreation Department cannot fulfill its part of the agreement, a full refund will be made. The city cannot be held further responsible. We the users, understand that we assume full responsibility for any damage, theft, or loss to said unit and its accessories between the time the city completes setting it up and the time the city takes it down.

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