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Parks and Recreation

Planning a Wedding in a Metro Park

Please carefully read the guidelines below in regards to the application process.

  1. Choose a date. Metro Nashville Parks accepts date requests one calendar year in advance. All dates are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Saturdays are often first to be taken. Plan to have alternative date options. Dates cannot be confirmed until an application is submitted, processed, and approved.
  2. Choose a park location. It is highly recommended that you visit the location you wish to have your wedding at. Please refer to the following pages for wedding site options and contact information for each wedding site.
  3. Submit a special event permit application.
    • Park Board approval must be granted 60 days in advance of your proposed wedding date if your wedding ceremony requires sound amplification or is serving alcohol.
    • Once you have submitted an application there may be up to a three-day processing time. Please do not contact us unless there are urgent changes that need to be made in your application. We will contact you if we have any questions and when the application has been processed.
    • Invoices are sent via email and payments must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to the event. There will also be an additional deposit held for sanitation.
  4. Consider additional costs and responsibilities for events with alcohol. A $1,000,000 certificate of insurance policy naming Metro Parks and Recreation as additionally insured will be required no later than 30 days prior to the event. Additional liquor liability coverage must be included on policies for events that plan to serve alcohol. It is the wedding organizer’s responsibility to arrange a security plan with Park Police if the wedding has over 500 people, requests road closure, or serves alcohol. Park Police may be contacted at 615-880-3429.
  5. Unfortunately, we cannot assist in the wedding planning process. We can only reserve and permit the park location. All elements (i.e. chairs, tables, decorations) and planning are up to the wedding organizer. It is the wedding organizer’s responsibility to contact vendors for event set up of elements. Wedding organizers must also keep in mind that there is a strict no-staking policy for tents, and tents over 10’X10’ must be approved by the fire marshal. It is also the responsibility of the wedding party to clean the reserved area after the completion of the event. Failure to leave the park in clean condition will result in the loss of sanitation deposit.