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Parks and Recreation

The Landing

Riverfront Landing

The Landing is composed of these main new project elements:

The Upper Park Removes an existing asphalt road and creates a new oval shaped green park space that can be enjoyed for multiple uses such as free play, temporary athletic fields, special events, tailgating and festivals. A new crushed stone plaza with over 60 new shade trees are be planted providing moveable chairs and tables for seating and relaxing.

The Lower Park is the grass park area on the river bank is reworked to create a flatter gentler sloped park that opens up new space for river access, for rest, relaxation, picnics and events. Bench seating, new trees for shade, picnic areas and meadow gardens and views of downtown are added.The water’s edge will be stabilized with an concrete “beach” suitable for launching kayaks and canoes or dipping your toes in the water.

Riverboat landing and plaza. A new concrete docking and loading plaza will be put in next to the Ghost Ballet art work. The riverboat landing and moorings creates a new reinforced docking location for the General Jackson, the Music City Queen or other larger boats to dock safely to load and unload passengers . A new plaza area is created underneath the Ghost Ballet art structure. Sidewalks, stairs and a concrete plaza switchback will allow the public, east dock boaters , riverboat passengers and accessibility directly to the NABRICO building and the new parks on the east bank. At the existing east bank docks a new gangway is added and electrical power and water pedestals are brought to the dock for boaters and public use.