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Fort Nashborough Planning and Development

Phase 1 construction of the Fort Nashborough Interpretive Center is underway.

Phase 1 Construction is taking place within the footprint of the previous 1960’s replica site on the west bank of the riverfront. Construction of the new Interpretive Center includes 4 hand hew log cabins and an open air facility that allows for park patrons to engage the site's interpretive facilities without feeling confined by a full palisade wall. The overall architectural design of the facility is based on the types and materials used in the construction of log cabins and blockhouses at the original Bluff Station that stood just north of the current site. Sidewalks, landscaping, exterior lighting and a select few exterior interpretive signs are included.

Future phases of the Fort Interpretive Center plans includes the installation of interpretative materials to the interiors of the cabins for viewing, the finishing of one of the cabins for classroom space for school visits and the completion of web based and mobile applications providing extensive historical information about the history of Nashville, the people and the Fort with educational materials for classes and self -guided tours.

Ft. Nashborough Rendering Perspective
Ft. Nashborough Aerial Rendering

Fort Nashborough Interpretive Plan

Interpretive planning will lead to a detailed document with these expected outcomes; an analysis of existing and potential uses of the project area and adjoining facilities; overall interpretive goals and themes; a project-specific visitor flow and wayfinding analysis; a project-specific site plan identifying connectivity between individual interpretive areas and surrounding site uses; recommendations and guidelines for use of interpretive media and materials based on overall and individual interpretive areas; phasing plans for fort reconstruction and all associated site improvements.

Nashborough Interpretive Plan

Implementation of the interpretive plan will be undertaken as funding becomes available.

Fort Nashborough Rendering