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Fort Negley Planning and Development

Due to Fort Negley's historical significance and fragile condition, several documents have been developed over the years to assist staff with interpretation, preservation, vegetation management, and other efforts.

Note: Some reports may be too large to post online. For more information, please contact the Planning division at Metro Parks office at 615- 862-8400

1996 Fort Negley Master Plan

Fort Negley Master Plan, November 1996, Hickerson Fowlkes, INC.

2014 Fort Negley Historic Structure Report

Historic Structure Report: Fort Negley, Nashville, Tennessee, January 31, 2014, John Milner Associates, Inc.

Appendix A1: Annotated Photographic Elevations -Existing Conditions (2013), Historic Structure Report, 2014

Appendix A2: Annotated Outline Elevations – Existing Conditions (2013), Historic Structure Report, 2014

Appendix B: Structural Sketches, Historic Structure Report, 2014

Appendices C– E, G and H: Structural Calculations, Wall Height – Evaluation Comparison, Report of Archaeological Investigations (2013), Cost Estimate, and Bibliography, Historic Structure Report, 2014

Appendix F: 2013 Site Survey, Historic Structure Report, 2014

2019 Cultural Landscape Report

Fort Negley Park - Restoration, Rehabilitation and Cultural Landscape Report 2019