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Shelby Park Planning

Stream Restoration

Planning is underway for a stream restoration project in Shelby Park at the Shelby Park Golf Course. This project is a partnership between Metro Parks and the Tennessee Stream Mitigation program with the purpose of rehabilitating and restoring the currently channelized, degraded stream through the Shelby Golf Course to a more natural and sustainable condition. The project objectives are to remove the concrete channel lining and pipe to daylight the streams, reestablish natural stream bed and banks, improve the composition of sediments and rock within the channels, improve aquatic species habitat, establish native stream bank vegetation, and provide water quality improvements in the unnamed tributaries of the Cumberland River. The project will be implemented to retain the function and enhance the natural beauty of the golf course.Shelby Park Master Plan.

Hand out from May 2017 public meeting

Shelby Park Master Plan

Shelby Park Master Plan: Lake Sevier

In 2009, Metro Parks -- along with hundreds of neighbors, stakeholders and interest groups -- embarked on a first-ever master planning process for Shelby Park. The resulting vision for the park will guide future investments in this important civic space, and maximize the park's potential. Metro Parks looks forward to continuing our partnership with the community on implementation of the master plan.

Shelby Park Master Plan

Shelby Park Master Plan Implementation

Phase One of master plan was officially opened to the public during a celebration of Shelby Park's centennial.

Phase two construction was completed at the end of 2014.

Phase Two Map

Phase three will be implemented as funding becomes available.

Shelby Park Map