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Hamilton Creek Marina Moorage Options

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Wet Slips

The marina has 172 wet slips available for the moorage of sailboats. The first four piers allow for the moorage of vessels with a maximum length of 26.4' (Small Wet Slips). Pier five allows for the moorage of vessels from 26.5' up to 36' in length (Large Wet Slips). There are six additional slips available for ADA access.

Features and Amenities

  • Full-time experienced marina staff
  • Ample slipholder parking
  • Dock Office located in the marina clubhouse
  • Clean Restrooms and private showers
  • Fresh City Water on each dock
  • Deep draft slips with no height limitations
  • MSD Marine Sanitation Device (Pump-Out Service)
  • Shore Power: 125 Volt; 30 Amp
  • 15 designated slips for transient boaters

Dry Storage

The dry storage area is a fenced lot that has 41 spaces for vessel storage. The maximum length of a vessel in dry storage is 24'. This type of storage also allows vessels to be stored, transported and launched with the mast in the upright position.

Beach Storage

Beach storage is available on both the east and west side of the marina clubhouse. This type of storage is for small vessels ranging from catamarans to canoes and rowing shells. Small vessel equipment storage is available for beach customers under the clubhouse deck.

Rack Storage

Rack storage is for smaller vessels ranging in length from 6' to 14'. This storage is ideal for canoes, kayaks and paddle boards. Rack storage is located under the marina clubhouse deck.


All storage is based on an annual lease agreement with the Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation. In order to be eligible for a resident fee, the user must provide proof of residing within Davidson County. The fees shown below are the monthly rate for storage.

Service Resident Fee Non-resident Fee
Marina Small Wet Slip $150 $163
Marina Large Wet Slip $195 $211
Dry Storage Slip $65 $70
Beach Full Slip $30 $33
Beach Half Slip $23 $25
Rack Space $19 $21