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Antioch / Priest Lake Community Plan

About the Plan

Subarea 2 map

The Planning Commission adopted an updated Antioch/Priest Lake Community Plan on October 25, 2012.

Cover, resolutions, table of contents, executive summary

Chapter 1: Planning Fundamentals

Chapter 2: Community Character Policies

Chapter 2: Envisioned Antioch/Priest Lake Community Character

Chapter 2: Hickory Hollow Mall Development Scenarios

Chapter 3: Transportation Plan

Chapter 4: Open Space Plan

Chapter 5: Implementation

Chapter 5: Implementation Table

Appendix and Credits

The Southeast and Donelson-Hermitage-Old Hickory Community Plans were amended with this update; those amendments are located on the Southeast and Donelson-Hermitage-Old Hickory Community webpages.

On August 14, 2008, the Planning Commission approved a new land-use document, the Community Character Manual, which replaces the Land Use Policy Application. The CCM will be used as community plans and amendments are updated in Subarea 13.

Murfreesboro Pike UDO

The Planning Commission approved a UDO on July 25, 2013, which provides design standards in neighborhoods along parts of Murfreesboro Pike in southeastern Davidson County.

Read the Murfreesboro Pike UDO

If you have questions about the Murfreesboro Pike UDO, please contact planner Brenda Diaz at or (615)862-7184.

Urban Design Overlays (UDOs)

Antioch / Priest Lake has 2 Urban Design Overlays. An Urban Design Overlay, or UDO, is a zoning tool that requires specific design standards for development in a designated area. A UDO is used to either protect the pre-existing character of the area or to create a character that would not otherwise be ensured by the development standards in the base zoning district. UDOs overlay the current base zoning and allow for development standards above and beyond those in the base zoning.

Hamilton Hills - adopted November 18, 2005

Hamilton Hills

Hamilton Hills UDO document

Please contact Alex Deus, (615) 862-7155, for more information on the Hamilton Hills UDO

Ridgeview - adopted August 19, 2003


Ridgeview UDO document

Please contact Melissa Sajid, (615) 862-7217, for more information on the Ridgeview UDO.

Specific Plans

Antioch / Priest Lake has 3 Specific Plan Districts. Generally known as “SP” zoning, refers to a new type of base zoning district, not an overlay, which is not subject to traditional zoning districts’ development standards. Under SP zoning, design standards established for that specific development are written into the zone change ordinance.

Developers who use SP zoning must still follow historic and redevelopment guidelines, subdivision and storm water regulations, and the goals and objectives of the General Plan.

  • Rural Hill Road SP - adopted July 18, 2006; affects all or part of 21 parcels between Rural Hill Road and Rice Road
    Please contact Jason Swaggart, (615) 862-7217, for more information on the Rural Hill Road SP
  • Hickory Woods SP - adopted December 5, 2006; affects property on Murfreesboro Pike near the county line
    Please contact Latisha Birkeland, (615) 862-7161, for more information on the Hickory Woods SP
  • Bakertown/Antioch Pike SP, approved November 18, 2008; limits traffic and controls industrial development in the Bakertown community
    Please contact Singeh Saliki, (615) 862-7165, for more information on the Bakertown/Antioch Pike SP

For more information or questions on the Antioch/Priest Lake Community Plan, please contact:

Stephanie McCullough
Community Plans
Metropolitan Planning Department
800 2nd Avenue South
PO Box 193600
Nashville TN 37219-6300

(615) 862-7163