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Parkwood/Union Hill Community Plan

This Community Plan was previously updated using older policy categories that are no longer in use. In April 2014, the Metro Planning Commission approved a translation of each of the older policies to their corresponding new policy in the Community Character Manual (CCM).

Related policy information on interactive maps

After accepting the disclaimer, expand the “Layers” box to check the “Land Use Policy,” “Adopted Special Policy Areas,” and “Conservation” layers so that you can see any sensitive environmental features.

This Community Plan document is currently being edited. Through summer and fall 2014, Planning staff will be working with communities as part of NashvilleNext to decide future areas of growth and preservation and update policies within each Community Plan as needed.

Special Policy and Detailed Policy areas within the Parkwood-Union Hill Community Plan

NashvilleNext background information and meeting schedule

About the Plan

Subarea 2 mapThe Planning Commission approved a new Parkwood / Union Hill Community Plan in 2006 to replace the original Subarea 2 plan from 1995.

The plan linked here includes all updates and amendments through April 2014.

For more information on the Parkwood / Union Hill Community Plan, please contact:

Greg Claxton
Metropolitan Planning Department
800 2nd Avenue South
Nashville TN 37210
(615) 862-7162