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Planning Department

Community Planning Studies

Citizens in a community meetingOur Community Design planners have begun a series of studies which look at land use policy in specific parts of the county and gather public input on how those policies might be updated and improved.

This is a collaborative process; we work with neighbors and community members to ensure that land use policies accurately reflect how the members of each community want growth and preservation to take place in their area, and that any significant changes are guided by community input and discussion.

Community Outreach: The “Charrette” Process

map of Wedgwood Houston study area

These community discussions center on a “charrette” in each area – a four-day series of workshops, conversations, and presentations held on site in the study neighborhood. The first “charrette” was held in the West Trinity Lane community in October and November 2017, and the Planning Commission approved the resulting policy updates in January 2018. Details of that initiative and other recent studies are linked below.

Current Studies

Completed Studies