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Charlotte Avenue Community Planning Study

map detail of study area

At the District Councilmember’s request in the summer of 2018, the Planning Department studied possible changes to and refinements of land use policy along Charlotte Avenue from I-440 to White Bridge Road. Planners then refined maps and materials and created a draft plan document, based on community input received during a charrette week in July 2018. In October 2018, the plan was adopted by the Planning Commission.

Map of the study area

The Charlotte Avenue Corridor Study illustrates the community's vision, taking into account various interests and balanced with sound planning principles. The plan guides the appropriate land use, development character, and design intent established by balancing ideas and concerns among community stakeholders. The small area plan will be used as a starting point for discussing future entitlements and public and private investment, including zone changes, and public infrastructure investments.

Land use policy guides the Planning Commission's actions on zone change requests and other development requests. Any updates made to these policies do not change current zoning.

October 11 - Planning Commission approval

The Planning Commission approved the plan by a 7-0 vote during the October 11, 2018 regular meeting. The approved plan is linked below.

Public Hearing Draft

The public hearing draft of the Charlotte Avenue Corridor Study was available for review prior to the public hearing at the Planning Commission.

The Planning Department received requests for amendments and clarifications to the public hearing draft of the Charlotte Avenue Corridor Plan. The Charlotte Avenue Corridor Plan Memo outlined the requested amendments and clarifications, as well as the Planning Department’s action for each item. The updated public hearing draft of the Charlotte Avenue Corridor Plan will be considered by the Planning Commission at their October 11 meeting.

September 6 Community Meeting

Planners hosted a community meeting on Thursday, September 6 at Lentz Public Health Center (2500 Charlotte Pike) to discuss the draft plan, answer questions, and gather feedback.

Draft plan materials are available for public review from September 4 until September 10.

Our goal is to ensure that policies affecting the Charlotte Pike area accurately reflect how the members of that community want growth and preservation to happen in the future, with any significant changes guided by community input and discussion.

Community Meetings

photo of planner and community member looking at map

Metro planners held a series of public meetings and discussions, or "charrette," the week of July 16, working with local property owners, residents, and business owners to get community input on any possible policy changes.

Numerous stakeholders (residents, property owners, business owners, development professionals, institutional representatives, and elected officials) participated in the charrette week meetings and design process.

Stakeholders talked with the Community Design team about issues the community faces and worked on design solutions. The Community Design team worked diligently to collect ideas and expectations, identify common goals, address neighborhood design issues promptly, and generate land use policy and appropriate building type concepts.

Presentations and Other Materials

From the Monday visioning session

From the Thursday work-in-progress meeting