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Lebanon Pike Visioning: Likes and Dislikes

The “loves” and “bothers” exercise is a popular part of our small-group studies. Community members post positives (“loves”) and negatives (“bothers”) about their neighborhoods; location and community character consistently appear as reasons community members enjoy living where they do.


photo of opinions written on post-it notes

  • Location (4 times)
  • Green space (3 times)
  • “Being close to Briley Parkway and Interstate”
  • “Close to downtown, major roads”
  • Old trees
  • Lot sizes
  • “60s houses on nice size lots”
  • Convenience
  • Sidewalks
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicycles
  • Trees
  • Good neighbors
  • Great neighbors
  • Quiet
  • Wildlife
  • “Trees/natural features/wildlife”


photo of comments written on post-it notes

  • Need traffic light at Wilowen (4 times)
  • Need more traffic lights on Lebanon
  • Need more traffic lights
  • No bike lane
  • No sidewalk (2 times)
  • More bus shelters at each stop
  • Turning lane only
  • Traffic
  • Left hand turn at Lebanon/Craigmeade (2 times)
  • One road access to Craigmeade subdivision
  • Can’t get out of neighbor (traffic)
  • “Damn near impossible to turn across traffic on Lebanon Rd”
  • Sidewalks needed outbound on Lebanon
  • Need more sidewalks
  • “Development next door may create flooding near Mill Creek”
  • Loss of trees due to construction
  • Parking lots
  • Additional paving on Wilowen Drive
  • Need a traffic light at Lebanon and Quinn/Lisa
  • Need Metro WiFi & fiber
  • Parking lots
  • Maye retail & restaurants in Freeman Bldg. area
  • Noise from the trains & industrial areas
  • 1-day rentals
  • Taxis