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Wedgewood Houston / Chestnut Hill Planning Study


The Draft Recommendations for the Wedgewood Houston Chestnut Hill Planning Study are the result of years of community engagement. Join us on September 17, 2019 for the Draft Plan Discussion. A revised draft plan will be presented to the Planning Commission in fall 2019.

About the Planning Study

The Planning Department is working on updates to community planning, land use, and street plans in the Wedgewood Houston and Chestnut Hill Neighborhoods. This project, in partnership with the community, neighborhood organizations, and Councilmember Colby Sledge, began as a project funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, as part of its Our Town Grant Program. The grant funds two parts of the study:

  • WeHome, a podcast and social practice artworks built around community dialogue in Wedgwood Houston and Chestnut Hill; and
  • A market study of the area’s light industrial and urban (or maker) economy.

The Wedgewood Houston and Chestnut Hill neighborhoods are within a NashvilleNext first tier center and are along two major transit corridors. To support equitable, walkable development in these areas, the Planning Department is undertaking a planning study of the center and surrounding neighborhoods. The study will also consider how preservation of light industrial jobs and expansion of urban manufacturing can support equitable development and sustain this neighborhood’s unique character.

Community Engagement

The Draft Engagement Report details the way the planning team worked with neighborhood stakeholders including residents, business owners, artists, makers, developers and property owners.

Charrette Week

Planners hosted a design charrette, or workshop, for the community the week of April 29, 2019. Materials from charrette week can be accessed below.


Our arts partners, Erica Ciccarone and SeedSpace, collected stories and interviews about the planning area. Compiled into a nine-episode podcast, WeHome asks two strangers to tour each others' lives and tell each other stories, reflecting the variety of experiences in and around Chestnut Hill and Wedgewood Houston. These are the kinds of stories that planners often hear when talking with the public, but have difficulty conveying in the dry language of planning documents. The WeHome podcast is an exciting opportunity to bring the richness of community dialogue to a broader audience.

In April 2018, the neighborhoods celebrated the WeHome Podcast with listening stations, podcast participants, three interactive artworks responding to themes in the podcast, and preliminary community engagement. Explore the podcast or review the results from the exercises. An online survey was uses to gather input from those who could not attend the event, among other community members.

Community Snapshot

The Community Snapshot summarizes the study area demographics, current conditions, and prior plans. Both Chestnut Hill and Wedgewood Houston have been extensively studied and have received substantial planning attention. The Wedgewood Houston Chestnut Hill Planning Study builds upon and integrates existing plans for the community. Key plans reviewed include:

Additional Information