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Haynes Trinity Planning Study

In fall 2017, the Planning Department worked on possible refinements to current land use policies in the Haynes Trinity area. Planners then refined maps and materials and created a draft plan document, based on community input received during a charrette week in October/November 2017.

Participants at Haynes Trinity Visioning Workshop

The Haynes Trinity Small Area Plan illustrates the neighborhood vision, taking into account various interests and balanced with sound planning principles. The plan guides the appropriate land use, development character, and design intent by balancing ideas and concerns among community stakeholders. The small area plan is used as a starting point for discussing future entitlements and public and private investment, including zone changes, and public infrastructure investments.

Land use policy guides the Planning Commission's actions on zone change requests. Any updates made to policies do not change current zoning.

Building community consensus

map of study area

A charrette is a series of public workshops held on-site over a short period of time. Charrettes include a variety of stakeholders and participants, and offer a very effective way to focus citizen participation.

Community input from a West Trinity Lane charrette in November 2017 was a vital part of the planning process in this area. Details, including presentations and documents, are linked below.

Learn more about the West Trinity Charrette

Haynes Trinity Plan

The Planning Commission approved the West Trinity/Katie Hill/Haynes Community Plan Amendment by a 8-0 vote on January 11, 2018.

Major & Collector Street Plan Amendment

section of street plan map

The Planning Commission approved a related amendment to the Major & Collector Street Plan on May 10, 2018.