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Planning Department

Planning Department Directory

Name Phone
Main number 615-862-7150
Customer Service Desk (call here with questions) 615-862-7190
Bond Desk 615-862-7197

Executive Office

Name Title Phone
Lucy Kempf
About Lucy Kempf
Executive Director 615-862-7167
Bob Leeman AICP
About Bob Leeman
Deputy Director 615-862-7183
George Rooker
About George Rooker
Special Projects Manager 615-862-7154
Kelly Adams Administrative Services Officer 615-862-7171

Land Development

Land Development planners review subdivisions, rezonings, and other applications related to the zoning code, guide applicants through the development process, and write staff reports advising the Planning Commission. The Development Finance Officer processes performance bonds and letters of credit. The front counter accepts applications and answers zoning and subdivision questions.

Name Title Phone
Lisa Milligan AICP
About Lisa Milligan
Manager 615-862-7203
Shawn Shepard AICP Senior Planner 615-862-6263
Jason Swaggart Planner 2 615-862-7189
Latisha Birkeland Planner 2 615-862-7161
Patrick Napier Planner 2 615-862-7153
Deborah Sullivan Planner 2 615-862-7190
Abbie Rickoff AICP Planner 2 615-862-7217
Levi Hill Planner 2 615-862-7006
Karimeh Sharp Planner 1 615-862-7190
Gene Burse AICP Planner 1 615-862-7155
Michelle Hollingsworth Development Finance Officer 615-862-7197
Sharon O'Conner Planning Technician III 615-862-7208
Kristy Patrick Administrative Services Officer II 615-862-7148

Community Design

Community Design planners work with residents, property owners, developers and other stakeholders to create appropriate development based on each community's needs and goals.

Name Title Phone
Lee Jones AICP, PLA
About Lee Jones
Manager 615-862-7193
Anita McCaig AICP Planner 3 615-862-7156
Marty Sewell AICP Planner 3 615-862-7218
Dara Sanders Planner 3 615-862-7210
Stephanie McCullough Planner 2 615-880-3239
Justin Wallace Planner 1 615-862-7158
Jessica Buechler Planner 1 615-862-7184
Anna Grider Planner 1 615-862-7199
Eric Hammer LEED AP Planner 1 615-862-7165
Nicholas J. Lindeman Special Projects Planner 615-862-7198

Multimodal Transportation Planning & Programming

Multimodal Transportation planners and engineers work with the Metro Public Works Division of Transportation (MDOT) to develop and implement the city’s transportation vision through public and private sector projects, policies, and programs. They assist Metro departments in prioritizing, aligning, and programming transportation projects and activities.

Name Title Phone
Michael Briggs AICP
About Michael Briggs
Manager 615-862-7219
Peter Bird Active Transportation Planner 615-862-7174
Elwyn Gonzalez AICP Transportation Planner 615-862-7163
Miranda Clements CNU-A TDM Program Manager 615-862-7180
Daniel McDonell LEED AP TDM Outreach Coordinator 615-862-7196
Julie Mattes TDM Administrative Assistant 615-862-7205

Capital Improvements Planning

Name Title Phone
Greg Claxton AICP
About Greg Claxton
Planner 3 615-862-7162
Laura Hardwicke Grants Coordinator 615-862-7185
Elham Daha Planner 1 615-862-7188

GIS and Mapping Services

Our MetroGIS division generates, organizes, and analyzes spatial data, creates maps, and provides information about our county’s physical structure for other Metro departments and the general public. GIS (an abbreviation of "Geographic Information Systems") is a system of hardware and software used for storage, retrieval, mapping, and analysis of geographic data; here, GIS provides a better understanding of our county's physical attributes and supports more informed decisions about land use and development.

Name Title Phone
Jennifer Higgs
About Jennifer Higgs
Director 615-880-3416
John Broome GIS Manager 615-862-7216
Kyle Lampert GIS Analyst 615-862-7179
Josh Swiderski GIS Technician 615-862-7177
David Kline Cadastral Manager 615-880-2465
Kevin Jackson Cadastral Analyst 615-862-7181
Kathy Beers Cadastral Analyst 615-862-7175
Jen Johnson Geodesign Specialist 615-862-7214

Budgeting and Finance

Name Title Phone
Jeffrey Leach Finance Officer 615-862-7159
Josie L. Bass Administrative and Librarian 615-862-7150

AICP Certification

Several of our planners, as noted in their individual listings, have earned what the American Planning Association calls "a high mark of distinction" in the planning profession - membership in the American Institute of Certified Planners.

AICP certification is awarded to planners who pass a rigorous examination covering the history and theory of planning, urban design, law, ethics, and quantitative methods.