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Planning Department

Inclusionary Housing Feasibility and Policy Study

On September 6, 2016, the Metro Council passed inclusionary housing legislation.

Both the Metropolitan Council and the more than 18,500 local participants who contributed to the NashvilleNext process have identified housing affordability as a key factor in our future growth and livability. The Council has also directed the Planning Department to take the lead in preparation of new regulations and tools aimed at ensuring that housing is attainable to every Nashvillian, at every income level.

speaker addressing audience at Inclusionary Housing meeting

The Planning Department has worked closely with the Metro Council, housing advocates, the development industry, and the business community to ensure their inclusion in the policy process.

The Planning Commission voted on July 21, 2016, to approve a second substitute ordinance.

Staff report, including the recommended Second Substitute BL2016-133 (attached)

Housing Policy and Inclusionary Zoning Feasibility Study

The contents of this report reflect not only the research and analysis specified in the city’s request for proposal, but also analysis of specific relevant concerns, data, and issues that arose throughout the process of stakeholder involvement. In terms of involvement, this process included: three meetings with stakeholders (a group of 50 industry representatives, elected officials, developers, and advocates); two meetings with the Planning Commission, which were open to the public; a public open house; individual and group interviews with stakeholders; as well as targeted subject focus groups.

RFP for the feasibility study

Information from Previous Meetings

First Stakeholders Group meeting: October 12, 2015

Powerpoint slides from the October 12 stakeholders group meeting

Video of the October 12 meeting

Second Stakeholders Group meeting: November 10, 2015

Powerpoint slides from the November 10 stakeholders group meeting

Video of the November 10 meeting

Public meeting: November 11, 2015

Powerpoint slides from the November 11 meeting

Video of the November 11 meeting

Results of the Inclusionary Housing Workshop conducted after the November 11 presentation

Planning Commission work session: November 12, 2015

Video of the November 12 work session

Third Stakeholders Group meeting: December 9, 2015

The Stakeholders Group received recommendations from the consultant.

Video of the December 9 presentation

Powerpoint presentation from the December 9 meeting

Planning Commission work session: December 10, 2015

Video of the December 10 work session

Meeting and Survey Report

Comments gathered during a community workshop and from follow-on surveys

March 21-22, 2016, stakeholders' and public meetings


March 21 stakeholders' meeting and discussion
March 22 public meeting and discussion

Presentation slides

"Affordable Housing Options" - Adriane Harris, Mayor Barry's Senior Advisor on Affordable Housing Issues
"Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance Recommendations" - consultant David Schwarts, Economic & Planning Systems
"Review of Legislation" - Carrie Logan, Assistant Director, Metro Planning Department

Members of the Stakeholders Group

List of Stakeholders Group members

Oral Histories

Community members share their experiences with housing issues and their thoughts for possible future actions. Their opinions are entirely their own.

Avi Poster (7 minutes, 25 seconds)

Samuel Lester (11 minutes, 10 seconds)

Sasha Mullins Lassiter (6 minutes, 8 seconds)