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Subdivision Regulations

The Metro Planning Commission adopted expanded Subdivision Regulations on March 9, 2006. Those regulations were amended in 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2016, and most recently in June 2017.

A Subdivision is: Any land, vacant or improved, which is divided or proposed to be divided into two (2) or more lots or parcels of less than five (5) acres in size. It includes resubdivision which means a change of any approved or recorded subdivision. The Land Development and Design Division reviews subdivision applications as a technical review against the adopted Subdivision Regulations. The Regulations provide for the division of land under the existing zoning entitlements. Subdivision of land does not alter or increase the allowances that a property owner has under the existing zoning.

Per Tennessee Code Annotated, the Planning Commission is charged with the adoption of Subdivision Regulations to provide for harmonious development. NashvilleNext's Community Character Manual policies identify the envisioned character of an area. That character, call a transect, includes general patterns of the built environment such as rural, suburban, urban, or downtown. The transect determines which section of the Subdivision Regulations applies to a specific application. Community Character Manual policies are not otherwise referenced during subdivision review.

Document Description
Flow Chart of the Subdivision Approval Process A graphic description of the process
Subdivision Regulations - Complete Document 105 pages; chapters are linked below
Introduction Includes Table of Contents
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Procedures for Plat Approval
Chapter 3 Requirements for Improvements, Reservations, and Design
Chapter 4 Rural Character Subdivisions
Chapter 5 Walkable Subdivisions
Chapter 6 Assurance for Completion and Maintenance of Improvements
Chapter 7 Definitions
Chapter 8 Adoption of Regulations and Amendments
Appendices Includes Plat Certificates, Critical Lots - Plans & Procedures, and Outline for Construction Process
Staff Contacts Staff Contact List for the Metro Departments reviewing Subdivision Applications