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Downtown Code and Community Plan

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The Downtown Code is a form-based zoning code which shapes growth and development in the city center. It implements the policy set out in the Downtown Community Plan, which is guided by the Community Character Manual.

Design Review Committee (DRC)

The Downtown Code Design Review Committee consists of community members and design professionals. They review applications for modifications from the Downtown Code.

Downtown Code DRC Meeting schedule and filing deadlines

Downtown Code Design Review Committee, Related Documents

Downtown Code Design Review Committee Page

Applications and Fees

Before applying for a modification,

  • Determine if your property is in a MDHA Development District, if so, contact MDHA’s Development Office, 615-252-3750.
  • If your property is not in an MDHA Development District, determine if your modification is major or minor by reviewing page 14 of the Downtown Code.
  • Contact Eric Hammer, 615-862-7165

The Downtown Code Modification Application covers the following requests.

  • Major Modification: $2,800
  • Minor Modification: $1,100

Bonus Height Certification: No charge
Developers can apply for bonus height by offering features that go above and beyond the code, like public and/or underground parking, pervious surfaces, or LEED certification. Property owners can transfer bonus height from one site to another single site in Downtown one time. The receiving site cannot exceed the Bonus Height Maximum in the Downtown Code. Downtown Code Bonus Height Program Participants

Overall Height Modification: $2,800
Property owners can request additional height beyond what the Downtown Code or Bonus Height Program offer. The Downtown Code Design Review Committee or MDHA Design Review Committee makes a recommendation to the Planning Commission, which may grant additional height for exceptional design like unique architecture, great streetscape, and context with nearby properties. 2021 Schedule for Downtown Code Height Modifications.

Final Site Plan Review: $2,800

Downtown Code Building Permit Review: $250

Zoning Letter: $100
Contact the Planning Department Front Counter 615-862-7190 to request a letter certifying Downtown Code zoning.