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Southeast Community Plan

About the Plan

Subarea 2 map

The Southeast Community Plan was most recently updated in August 2017 as part of a scheduled review of the NashvilleNext long-range plan.

All of the Planning Department's fourteen Community Plans are guided by the Community Character Manual, a document which provides detailed policy guidance based on the look and feel of neighborhoods, centers, corridors and open spaces.

Related Plan Documents

  • Supplemental Policy Area (SPA) for Old Goins Road - The Supplemental Policy for Old Goins Road addresses issues identified by the community related to road conditions and street/streetscape improvements. This guidance will be considered for all applicable zoning and development applications.

Urban Design Overlays (UDOs)

Lenox Village

The Southeast community is home to 3 Urban Design Overlays. If you have questions regarding one of the UDO's below, reach out to the respective UDO Staff Contact.