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Local Planning Studies

Citizens in a community meeting

Community planning in Nashville is a collaborative process. Our planners work with stakeholders to create large- and small-area plans which balance the community's varying needs and interests, blended with sound planning principles. We seek to arrive at a common vision and update or improve land use policies and design guidance as needed. Stakeholders may include:

  • Residents and property owners
  • Business owners
  • Elected Officials
  • Institutional representatives
  • Development professionals
  • Agency representatives

Community Involvement: The Charrette Process

Hands pointing to important places on a paper map

Community involvement is always at the center of the planning process, shaping growth that preserves our city's character and development that reinforces and enhances Nashville's uniqueness.

Local Planning Studies usually center on a charrette– a series of workshops, conversations, and presentations in the study’s neighborhood. Planners spend weeks gathering background information, learning about the neighborhood, and talking with key stakeholders before each charrette.

For each project, planners work with area Councilmembers and a project Steering Committee. Steering Committee members include a variety of stakeholders. These members represent the community and help promote involvement in the study. The steering committee highlights the public's concerns and needs for discussion, and acts as a sounding board for concepts and solutions consistent with community input.