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Lebanon Pike Community Planning Study

About the Study

Map of the study area

In spring 2018, Donelson neighbors and the area Councilmember asked the Planning Department to work on possible refinements of land use policies along a portion of the Lebanon Pike Corridor between Spence Lane and Briley Parkway.

The Lebanon Pike Study illustrates the neighborhood vision, taking into account various interests and balanced with sound planning principles. These policies guide the appropriate land use, development character, and design intent established by balancing ideas and concerns among neighborhood stakeholders. The small area plan will be used as a starting point for discussing future entitlements and public and private investment, including zone changes, and public infrastructure investments.

Land use policy guides the Planning Commission's actions on zone changes. These updates do not change current zoning.

Lebanon Pike Study

The Planning Commission approved the Lebanon Pike Study on June 28, 2018. The documents below illustrate the neighborhood's vision and expectations for future development by changing policies and adding supplemental policies.

Our goal in preparing this and other community planning studies is to ensure that policies affecting the study area accurately reflect how the members of that community want growth and preservation to happen in the future, and that any significant changes are guided by community input and discussion.

Community Participation

photo of discussion around tableMetro planners held a series of public meetings and discussions, or "charrette," from April 16-19, 2018, working with local property owners, residents, and business owners to get community input on any possible policy changes.

The charrette ended with a presentation and review of possible draft updates to the Donelson-Hermitage-Old Hickory Community Plan. Comments were almost entirely positive.

Discussion Materials