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Transportation Planning

Our planners work to create and sustain active, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use areas, addressing the needs of walkers and cyclists as well as drivers.

Access Nashville 2040

front cover of Access Nashville 2040 document

Access Nashville 2040, the transportation component of the NashvilleNext long-range plan, addresses issues of land use, development, mobility, and environmental preservation as it guides public and private investment and planners’ decisions related to the city’s transportation system.

All transportation improvements should:

  • Create a place with efficient community form and transportation choices
  • Offer meaningful transportation choices
  • Sustain and enhance the economy
  • Increase safety and resiliency
  • Improve human health and the environment
  • Ensure financial responsibility
  • Make decisions equitably
  • Address transportation from a regional perspective

Transportation Planning Studies

Transportation plays an important role in all our Local Planning Studies.

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The Multimodal Transportation Planning and Programming Division is listed in our Staff Directory.

Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) provides long-range transportation planning for cities and counties across Middle Tennessee. The MPO was in the Planning Department offices through September 2017 and is now affiliated with the Greater Nashville Regional Council.

Local Transportation Plans

Several more specific plans address the street network, bicycle and pedestrian mobility, parks and greenways, and mass transit.

Bike and Bus crossing intersection safely

Major and Collector Street Plan

Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

WalknBike Nashville

Parks and Greenways Master Plan

Mass Transit Plan