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Bikeways Planning in Nashville

Transportation modes—walking, biking, riding transit, or driving—are the different ways that people get around Nashville. A multimodal transportation network is more accessible, efficient, and equitable than one that works for only one mode.

Nashville puts people first to complete the trip. To do so the focus in on complete streets—streets that are safe, comfortable, and convenient for all road users, no matter who they are or how they travel. Complete streets give people meaningful choices in how they access social and economic activities around Nashville.

Many Nashvillians enjoy riding a bicycle for transportation and recreation. Younger generations in particular are increasingly embracing active transportation and reducing the costs associated with owning and maintaining a car. Over the past decade, the city has dramatically expanded its network of bikeways and greenways, installed bike racks on all city buses, implemented a bike share system, and most recently passed a bike parking ordinance that requires many new developments to include secure bicycle parking.