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Metro Nashville Parklets Pilot Program

In response to growing community demand for increased urban amenities and active streetscapes (that function on a temporary basis), the Metropolitan Government of Nashville-Davidson County has created a pilot program to facilitate the creation of "parklets" within Metro right-of-way. A "parklet" is a sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street.

Temporarily, parklets function as extensions of sidewalks that occupy designated on-street parking spaces. They are managed by adjacent merchants, community organizations, and/or neighborhood associations. Parklets provide outdoor amenities such as café seating for adjacent restaurants, art installations, urban stormwater collection, and bicycle parking "corrals."

Parklets convert one or two on-street parking spaces into public open space and are a cost-effective way to activate streets, create more vibrant welcoming neighborhoods, and promote economic vitality. Parklets are privately funded and maintained by a hosting organization or business, but serve as public space that is accessible to all. Although parklets are not considered permanent, they would be approved under a permit that can be renewed from year-to-year IF the parklet serves the neighborhood well.

Parklet programs have been created in cities around the world as a way to support community-driven projects that allow people to use streets differently. These programs support creative spaces that add “people places” to the public right-of-way. Parklets also encourage walking, and create more attractive and inviting commercial districts. Along with community groups, Nashville-area businesses are interested in creative and innovative means to add public space to their blocks. Parklets can increase foot traffic and create seating space near local businesses, while still maintaining on-street parking nearby.

Nashville's 2019 Pilot Parklet Program intends to facilitate the conversion of on-street parking spaces for publicly-accessible open and recreational space. Following the lead of established and successful parklet systems within peer cities such as Charlotte, Minneapolis, and Seattle, Nashville's 2019 Pilot Parklet Program aims to enable enhanced streetscapes within mixed use corridors and to foster further economic development.

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