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Nashville and Davidson County Interactive Maps

Browse through our gallery of web mapping applications

Parcel Viewer

New Parcel Viewer screenshot
Parcel Viewer Map

Our Parcel Viewer site provides public access to parcel information and a variety of useful map layers for Davidson County.

Development Tracker

Development Tracker
Development Tracker Map

Follow applications filed with the Metro Planning Department as they move through the approval process. View project plans and related comments from Planning and other Metro departments.

New Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Tracker

BZA Tracker Map
Board ofZoning Appeals Tracker

Follows appeals files with the Codes Administration to be heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals as they move through the appeal hearing process. View general information and hearing results about each case. Search by council district, meeting dates and case status.

Sidewalk Requirements Map

screenshot of sidewalk requirements map
Sidewalk Requirements Map

The Sidewalk Requirements Map helps determine whether sidewalk construction is required on a particular property. Attention builders developing two-family residential horizontal property regimes (HPRs): you must enter the parcel number of the common area to get an accurate result. You will not get an accurate result if you enter the address of parcel number of the individual unit(s).

Sidewalk Waivers

thumbnail screenshot of sidewalk waivers map site
Sidewalk waivers map

The Metro Codes Administration maintains this website so interested parties can track the decision making process for sidewalk waivers. View general information and decisions about each request. Search by council district, case number, and case status.

Capital Improvements Budget (CIB) Viewer

CIB Map Viewer
Capital Improvements Budget Viewer Map

The Capital Improvements Budget Viewer shows projects from the current Capital Improvements Budget, covering the next six years. When possible, projects are mapped to a geographic location (such as a specific property, street, or district).



The Nashville Emergency Response Viewing Engine (NERVE) includes real-time information about road closures, school closings and locations of emergency shelters, food and water distribution centers and Disaster Assistance Centers. Nerve is now smartphone and mobile device ready.

Election Day Polling Place Finder

Election Day Polling Place Finder
Polling Place Finder Map

This application helps voters find election day polling places, and identifies current elected officials in the county. Enter an address in the search window or click on the map.

Create Mailing Lists

Create Mailing Lists
Create Mailing Lists Map

This interactive mapping application allows users to create mailing lists. Users can select parcels by parcel number, address, or shape. In addition, a buffer distance can be entered to select parcels within that area. The list can be exported as a CSV file.

Nashville Parks Finder

Nashville Parks Finder
Nashville Parks Finder Map

Nashville Parks Finder provides residents and visitors an easy way to find parks near them, a park by its name, or recreation opportunities offered in parks within the community.

SP Zoning

SP Search
Specific Plan Maps

View approved specific plans, including plans, related staff reports and Council bills.

Major and Collector Street Plan

Major and Collector Street Plan
Major and Collector Street Plan Map

View the comprehensive planning and implementation plan for guiding public and private investment in major streets.

Green Development

Green Development Map screenshot
Green Development Map

View approved low-impact developments in Davidson County.

FEMA Floodplain Viewer

Preliminary FEMA Viewer
Floodplain Boundaries Map

Floodplains and floodways, as defined by FEMA.

The Flood of 2010

May 2010 Flood Map
Flood of 2010 Map

Flood Imagery and Damage Assessment from the May 2010 flood.

Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

Nashville Cherry Blossom Fesitval
Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival Tree Planting Project. Enjoy all of these cherry blossom trees in Nashville parks and neighborhoods!

Nashville Rising: Nashville Public Library Story Map of May 2010 Flood

Nashville Rising: NPL May 2010 Flood Map
Nashville Rising

During May 1-2, 2010, Nashville received more than 13 inches of rainfall, forcing the Cumberland River and several others over their banks. Flooding devastated areas throughout Nashville and surrounding counties, forever changing our city. This maps contains images of the flooding and subsequent relief efforts. More images, as well as oral history interviews with those impacted by the flood, are available at the Nashville Public Library.

Historical Maps of Nashville

Historical Maps photo example

Historical Maps

The historical maps of Nashville and Davidson County come from several collections. Most are copies of maps found and used by the Mapping section of the Planning Department. In this collection, you can view Nashville's city limits through the years, various land grants, and original town lots.