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Planning Meetings, Virtual Public Comment

The information below pertains specifically to giving public comment to the Planning Commission. For general information on remote participation, such as terms and conditions, visit the Metro's Remote Participation Page.

The regularly scheduled June 11 Planning Commission meeting Planning Commission meeting will be virtually held at 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Watch the Meeting Live

  • Comcast Channel 3
  • Google Fiber Channel 3
  • AT&T UVerse Channel 99
  • Roku (search for Metro Nashville)
  • MNN Live Stream

Give Public Comment

The public can send comments to the Planning Commission for the items on the June 11, 2020 meeting in a variety of ways:

  1. Email your comments by June 9 at 3:00 p.m. to the Planning Commissioners Inbox.
  2. Call 629-255-1900 and leave a voice message by Tuesday June 9 at 3:00 p.m. Your message will be played at the Commission meeting. Remember to limit your statement to 2 minutes for individuals.
  3. Call-in Live directly to the meeting. Please only call-in live if you have not already left a voice message. The message will be played in its entirety and treated as a call-in live comment.
    1. Tune into the meeting (instructions above)
    2. Wait for the Chair to announce when your item is ready for live call in
    3. Dial 629-255-1901 and wait for operator assistance
    4. You will be asked if you are calling for the current case on hearing
    5. Mute your TV or live stream when it is your turn to speak
    6. If you send materials for display during your comment, there will be a delay on the live broadcast or stream. However, the Planning Commissioners will be able to see your materials in real time as you speak.
    7. Once your testimony begins, you state your name, address, and whether you are for or against the case
    8. During your testimony, you will receive a 30-second warning

Please note: In an effort to promote social distancing, no remote location will be available for the May 28 Planning Commission meeting.

How to find a Case Number

Ideas for Voice and Email Messages

We suggest using the following scripts:

For an Individual

Please limit your comment to 2 minutes.

My name is [YOUR NAME]
and I live at [YOUR ADDRESS].
I am speaking in [SUPPORT or OPPOSITION]

[Provide up to 2 minutes of comment.]

For Organizations

Please limit your comment to 5 minutes.

My name is [YOUR NAME]
and I live at [YOUR ADDRESS].
I am representing [YOUR ORGANIZATION].
I am speaking in [SUPPORT or OPPOSITION]

[Provide up to 5 minutes of comment.]