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Creating NashvilleNext relied on community vision and input and local advice and guidance. Nearly twenty thousand community members shared their thoughts and suggestions online and in person. The NashvilleNext team hosted over four hundred meetings, briefings, events, and public conversations, all documented in the NashvilleNext Meeting Record.

The supporting links and materials below offer background information on the various committees, teams, and process that built the plan.

Steering Committee – This group of community and Metro partners guided the overall creation of the plan. They ensured that the plan reflected the ideals of the broader public and addressed the four pillars of the process: Efficient Government, Economic Development, Environmental Stewardship, and Opportunity and Inclusion.

Community Engagement Committee – These community leaders made sure we reached all local citizens, with special attention to groups previously under-represented in civic processes.

The Public – The NashvilleNext team strived to encourage all folks in Nashville and Davidson County to take part. They helped the community develop their own aspirations for the future and public policy goals.

Community Survey – This survey kicked off the planning process. Over 1,100 local leaders and community members responded, matched as closely as possible to our city’s economic and ethnic profile. Most respondents listed jobs, education, public safety, and a clean environment as their highest priorities. Take a deep dive into the Community Survey data

Background Reports – Written by volunteer teams of local experts, these reports detail local issues related to growth and progress. The page also includes six more reports written by experts in that field.

Resource Teams – Seven volunteer panels of local experts and Metro Department representatives, advised the NashvilleNext team on specific topics.

Speaker Series – Nationally recognized experts on planning and urban issues shared their thoughts and stimulated community discussion during this series.

Community Conversations – To build on topics explored in Background Reports and the Speaker Series, the NashvilleNext team hosted four community conversations. These events generated further thoughts and ideas about housing and gentrification, culture and placemaking, transportation, and economic development.

Youth Engagement – This targeted plan brought young Nashvillians into the process during the early stages. The NashvilleNext team fostered an actively involved group of young people who contributed their own perspectives to the plan.

Videos – The NashvilleNext YouTube channel includes over eighty short and full-length videos, including speakers, community input, and explanation of the process.