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Planning Department

Planning Digest Archive - 2009

The "Planning Digest" is a selection of weblinks related to sustainable development, published every Tuesday by the Metro Planning Department.

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Date Description
December 30 Farming in the factories' shadow; more new uses for old car lots; faster than a speeding bullet train
December 22 Cleaning up sidewalks and bike paths after the big snow; new policy-level support for walking and biking; the oldest living things on our planet
December 15 the Western world's busiest bike street; opening a "bike boulevard"; a fun reason to take the stairs
December 8 People-oriented roads; a greener traffic light; "circles of death"
December 1 Reverse vending machines; is refitting dead malls practical?; a floating house
November 24 Finding the soul of your community; eco-friendlier parking lots; building sustainable communities
November 17 Make your own electricity; smarter uses for interstate highways; indoor composting
November 10 Living a walkable life; an "edible wall"; greener trucking
November 3 Agriburbia; one less lane for cars; it's not about the infrastructure
October 27 Calculate your eco-footprint; how high-speed rail could spread across the USA; why small diesels are hard to find
October 20 Shipping-container houses; more walking, more social interaction; what to do when your community shrinks by half
October 6 A long-term sustainability vision; moving to the country; moving to the city
October 13 A long-term vision; how traffic jams help the environment; living in the "animal wall"
September 29 Paper, plastic, or neither; on the way to too far; building great spaces
September 22 Creating lifelong communities in suburbia; getting started in urban gardening; a greener airport in Phoenix
September 15 "Tree-centric" stormwater drains; what is smart growth?; smash your own trash
September 9 Avoiding "energy sprawl"; turning off signal lights in London; the National Green Values Calculator
September 1 Green, but not necessarily efficient; "farming" by remote control; a local bike shop helps young people learn
August 25 Reasons to drive less; reasons to walk more; living bridges
August 18 Improving smart growth; "zombie highways"; staying off the housing ladder
August 11 Smaller living spaces; are you driving a clunker?; you could call it an "ex-box"
August 4 Metro Stormwater's low-impact development page; "The ruins of the unsustainable"; white roofs
July 28 Saving fuel by parking clunkers; "the earth is not a trash can"; the true cost of transit
July 21 New support for passenger and commuter rail; if you want change, stop complaining; increased energy efficiency in commercial buildings
July 14 New lives for old buildings; laundry to landscape; changing the suburbs
July 7 When you shouldn't recycle plastic; cycling in the Rust Belt; the opposite of NIMBY
June 30 Is it really green?; safer, narrower streets; lost railroad stations
June 23 Don't try to walk here; downsizing a shrinking city; farming without fossil fuel
June 16 Mandatory composting in San Francisco; greener blacktop; the USA's angriest drivers
June 9 Could the auto industry make railcars?; design your own shelter; toxic litter you might not expect
June 2 Climate-positive cities; waiting on a train; rural gentrification
May 26 A rowhouse revival; a "framework and playbook" for urban streets; redeveloping closed car lots
May 19 Green DIY; 235 miles to the gallon; potato-based cutlery
May 12 A suburb (almost) without cars; unusual bus stops; dialogue in a box
May 5 Seeing smart growth; charging electric cars by subscription; green eating
April 28 The German approach to transportation; how much is left?; hundreds of little helpers
April 21 Greener houses, like it or not; rain garden resources; not exactly Memphis
April 14 Locally-grown school lunches; smart growth in Germantown; building neighborhoods
April 7 Possibly the world's least sustainable city; cul-de-sac communes; keeping track of your power use
March 31 "Vampire" power; urban gardening; cities the way they used to be
March 24 The "Miracle Mets"; carbon-neutral by 2010; eternal rest in the parking lot
March 17 How walkable is your neighborhood?; locally grown food; getting rid of your old TV
March 10 A new tool every day; city cycling safety; revitalizing the post-WWII suburbs
March 3 Effects of LED lights; funding for high-speed rail; America's most congested cities
February 24 New support for high-speed rail; city living to preserve nature; colleges' wind-power competition
February 17 "How the Crash will Reshape America"; our most abandoned cities; greener racing cars
February 10 Ten trends which shape our communities; older streets are safer streets; reusing developed land
February 3 Green cars; the environmental effects of bad driving
January 27 Transit could help Pittsburgh revive blighted areas; reassessing traditional suburbs; a Washington/Chicago design connection
January 20 DIY bike lanes; bike-friendlier streets in Miami; green advice for President Obama
January 13 New life for traditional suburbs; understanding the SmartCode
January 6 Transit issues in DC and Sydney; the rewards of living in a "passive house"