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Planning Department

Planning Digest Archive - 2010

The "Planning Digest" is a selection of weblinks related to sustainable development, published every Tuesday by the Metro Planning Department.

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Date Description
December 28 More walking, less TV; vote for your favorite green architecture; 11 transit initiatives
December 21 "Prefurbian" development; sustainable holiday meals; to helmet or not to helmet
December 14 Growing biofuel along our interstates; many, many Christmas lights; smarter smaller cities
December 7 Reversing our throwaway culture; redefining "smart growth"; driving the Nissan Leaf
November 30 The Briley Parkway of bike paths; why would you live there?; alternatives to the traditional shopping mall
November 23 Greening an urban roadway; concerns about reusable bags; high-speed buses
November 16 "Vertical farms"; streetcars in Nashville?; pop-up cafes
November 9 Bridge yes, cars no; DIY water-use monitor; $120 million in bottle deposits
November 2 Becoming a YIMBY; biofuel from invasive plants; voluntary lower speed limits
October 26 Building a "living alley"; from industrial center to cultural capital; bus rapid transit
October 19 Repairing urban sprawl; more parking for bikes than for cars; unsustainable developments
October 12 Helping bikes belong; "personal rapid transit" in West Virginia; if not corn, maybe algae
October 5 Eco-friendly cars could be in your blood; recreational mowing; pros and cons of alternative fuels
September 28 Automatic transmissions' efficiency now beats manuals; "Agropolis" in the city; how our cars insulate us from our lives
September 21 A Super streetscape; five sustainable communities; building a better block
September 14 Why city streets need trees; building your own castle; peak oil
September 7 The importance of connectivity; the death of the "McMansion"; the story of bottled water
August 31 The straw that broke the infrastructure's back; how much fuel does a bicycle need?; watershed awareness
August 24 Metro's Green Infrastructure Master Plan; "PARK(ing) Day" is coming soon; (almost) saving the earth
August 17 The "top 20 urban planning successes"; the return of the four-cylinder car; today's clothing, tomorrow's home insulation
August 10 Streetcars could be returning; green remodeling; cooking with sunlight
August 3 What can happen when a city welcomes biking; a sense of where you are; another argument for mixed use
July 27 Striving for affordability; another peak-oil warning; curing car-dependency
July 20 Why streetcars are a good idea; shrinking a city to survive; greening the food desert
July 13 Eight approaches to developing green fuels; a "subway on the street"; where can I walk from here?
July 6 Parking out of sight; no more drive-throughs; the triple bottom line
June 29 Virtual tour of LID sites around Metro; The bikes are there, now they need better streets; Ten principles for livable transportation
June 22 Reasons to protect your watershed; solar panels at Bells Bend Nature Center; a "dynamic neighborhood"
June 15 The importance of building green; rewards for energy efficiency; a new approach to urban farming
June 8 Saving gas through better traffic flow; where can you get more done; the value of intersections
June 1 Ten ways to use less offshore oil; better bike lanes; renewable energy's footprint
May 25 HUD uses LEED-ND criteria; non-petroleum machine oil; food and sustainability
May 18 Advertising to walkers vs. drivers; sprawl and the Gulf oil spill; a DIY freeway sign
May 11 Interactive Nashville flood map; the value of walkability; new shotgun houses
April 27 Making the suburbs sustainable; trash as an alternative fuel; a nationwide network of bike trails
April 20 Our 100th Digest!; Green colleges in Tennessee; bricks made from recycled bottles
April 13 Saving billions by using less electricity; community recycling at Target stores; Nashville's Earth Day 2010
April 6 Rebuilding for the "new urban century"; freeway to farm; the new value of GIS
March 30 Cities are attracting more home construction than suburbs; the world's highest train; it's a stop sign it's a yield sign
March 23 Building a better roundabout; local, community-supported agriculture; staying close to home
March 16 New Federal support for walking and biking; a greener riding mower; going green in the kitchen
March 9 Wiring for the future; coffee and chocolate; affordable green homes
March 2 The rush to renewables; houses built with recycled plastic; what we can learn from squatters
February 23 Skin grafts for buildings; "parking bombs"; your car is 85% inefficient
February 16 Voting on sunlight; peak oil in 2015; green diet for babies
February 9 How much does walkability matter?; does it increase your home's value?; deep-frying could be a lot greener
February 2 The bugs you want, and the bugs you don't; "skywalking" over crowded streets; where else but Portland?
January 27 Low-carbon travel; throwing away plastic bottles;living the cold life
January 19 Car drivers help pay for free transit; green on four wheels, or three; not quite there yet
January 12 Alcohol from agricultural waste; skip the bag, save the river; the basics of green motoring
January 6 More sales but fewer cars; the end of cul-de-sacs, maybe; daybreak in Utah