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Planning Department

Planning Digest Archive - 2011

The "Planning Digest" is a selection of weblinks related to sustainable development, published every Tuesday by the Metro Planning Department.

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Date Description
December 27 Walkability in Mexico City; an “urbanist calendar”; the best cities stories of 2011
December 20 Gas costs and the average US family’s budget; a kitchen tool library; how bikes can solve our biggest problems
December 13 What if a major city gave up public transportation?; how cities are like tomatoes; reducing food waste during the holidays
December 6 A community built around transportation; healthier cities; Saigon traffic
November 29 Horse-drawn trash collection; lighting by bacteria; a new use for McMansions
November 22 Trading the bus for the bike; backyard chickens as a patriotic duty; an urban beehive
November 15 The “death row of urban highways”; covering interstates; traffic jams and brain damage
November 8 The value of open spaces; an argument for co-housing; why did some streetcars survive?
November 1 Peer pressure; bicycle “trees”; a brighter future for smaller cities
October 25 Dealing with parking “addictions”; a vertical forest; neighborhoods which feel like neighborhoods
October 18 Bike tracks before freeways; why some kids can’t walk to school; living walls in new houses
October 11 A hobbit house; perspectives on urban agriculture; Solar Decathlon results
October 4 Rethinking the family home; the “Ponzi scheme” of suburban sprawl; why can’t bike/ped/auto travelers all get along?
September 27 Eight million cups of coffee; a “solar decathlon”; building a $1000 house
September 20 The genesis of the urban cul-de-sac; one car or ten bikes; ants and traffic control
September 13 Tiny parks; tiny houses; driving for extreme fuel mileage
September 6 Parks in parking spaces; smaller offices; “transportation deserts”
August 30 The world’s greenest neighborhood?; we’re driving less; narrow roads vs. wide ones
August 24 The look and feel of urbanism; four lanes to the cornfield; making walking safer
August 16 The end of the consumption line; the “nano house”; home, sweet culvert
August 9 Putting greenways first; cities as solutions; new car, no gas
August 2 Greening an existing home; making full use of alleys; sustaining the suburbs
July 26 Parks on top of highways; our “broken” food system; how is the green economy doing?
July 19 The geography of how we get to work; learning to grow your own food; how green is your bike ride?
July 12 Supporting community agriculture; solutions for traffic congestion; recycling “Katrina cottages”
July 5 Moving beyond the automobile; dual-purpose windows; five ways to improve cycling in cities
June 28 What’s a tree really worth?; making cities less car-friendly; dry climate, dry house
June 21 Green renovation of old urban buildings; where’s your local greenway?; four off-the-grid homes
June 14 The “growth Ponzi scheme”; business relocations follow young workers; temporary homes for tsunami victims
June 7 The power of urban farming; a citizen’s guide to LEED for neighborhoods; the “best” urban car
June 1 The German approach to electric vehicles; community-driven neighborhood makeovers; the world’s coolest subway stations
May 24 The “key to better cities”; locating food deserts; safer streets for seniors
May 17 Walk till you qualify; the “golden age of water” may be over; how would you design a road?
May 10 Our most walkable cities; affordable eco-inventions; traditional malls may be coming back
May 3 Greener building codes; the "deep energy retrofit"; living with the Nissan Leaf
April 26 Home buyers want walkability; bike corrals; Leaf and Volt do well in crash tests
April 19 Downsizing the grocery store; tell me where I'm walking; sitting on grass and mushrooms
April 12 The importance of thinking regionally; "how slums can save the planet"; an unusual wheel
April 5 800,000 bus riders every day; solar highways; how big does your house need to be?
March 29 Learning about being green; saying goodbye to freeways; building "zero-waste" communities
March 22 Misunderstanding historic preservation; another top-ten list; 1600 miles of bikeways
March 15 Saving failing cities; adjusting to population loss; denser housing options
March 8 A week's food for 15 families; safer streets through bike lanes; shipping-container construction
March 1 Building a bike-friendly city; why streetcars are better than buses; urbanized and unequal
February 22 Nashville: the next boomtown of the New South?; the Century of the Suburb; a bike path made of solar panels
February 15 More streets are "complete"; sidewalk rage; building a lower-carbon future
February 8 Planning for wind energy; a "Food Manifesto for the Future"; sustainability makes buildings more leasable
February 2 More bike lanes, more jobs; cities, feed yourselves; the carbon impact of staying home
January 25 Buses, but no bus stations; it's not your parents' house; the greenest of green cars
January 18 Creating a great neighborhood; the recession's effect on architecture; limiting cities' size
January 11 Solving the city; a "spatial mediator" in Providence; questioning the public process
January 4 Traffic calming through optical illusion; more old carpet = less new oil; so many streetcars