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Planning Department

Planning Digest Archive 2013

Date Description
December 17 Some of our most walkable cities; subdivisions which include working farms; an example of one
December 11 "A bold, new vision for mass transit"; preserving the urban wilds; "curb appeal" in the frozen north
December 3 A platinum rating for Nashville; "half-truths" about bikes and cars; taking the "bike train" to work
November 26 Housing and transportation costs; light rail in America's most car-centric city; 10-year predictions
November 19 The cost of a great street; rebuild, or raze?; transit making an economic difference
November 12 Simpler bike-route maps; bikes as an election issue; a "floating" bike roundabout
November 5 "Distracted walking"; New Orleans food deserts; another benefit of good transit
October 29 Ballpark apartments; reverse commutes; a defense of the cul de sac
October 16 "Suburban urbanity"; walkable solar panels; the complexity of cities
October 9 More roundabouts, fewer accidents; LEED and the mini-fridge; the United Watersheds of America
October 2 Designing a city to accommodate women; LA cycling culture; new studies of sustainable transportation
September 25 Embracing the cul-de-sac; the high cost of housing and transportation; America's "least walkable city"
September 10 Returning to the city; bike lanes and retail parking; a disposable bike helmet
September 3 An urban "food forest"; electric bike sharing; why we're driving less 
August 20 Half as likely to ride; an argument for urban child-rearing; the "tragedy of the cul de sac"
August 13 Retirees in trendy neighborhoods; peak car; the newest "great migration"
August 7 Bikes taking over curbside parking; the new American dream?; picturing density
July 30 More on malls' decline; early front-runners in the "solar decathlon'; five liters of coffee shop waste
July 24 Nashville/Austin migration; living car-free; the "Detroit Blight Authority"
July 17 If rivers were subways; the value of common space; even smaller mini-houses
July 10 Median population age by county; defining livability; public art in Chicago
July 2 Using bikes less than we should; "10 brilliant pieces of bike infrastructure"; online Nashville bike maps
June 25 Why roundabouts are better; expensive parking; downtown likes the iPhone
June 18 "Guerrilla wayfinding" in Raleigh; feeding 9 billion people; replacing aging strip malls
June 11 Watch the machine eat your bicycle; mapping your solar potential; trees and your own mortality
June 5 The "stroller index" of cities' health; open-source homebuilding; sustainability and foreclosure
May 28 Moving back downtown; it's all in how you see it; "bento box" living spaces
May 21 The importance of community character; savings through smart growth; the value of alleys
May 15 The driving boom is over; time-lapses of human impact worldwide; why people get attached to their cities
May 7 A green school; a week's groceries; TOD in Texas
April 30 Top cycling cities; an interview with Andres Duany; why towns need country
April 24 Complete Streets in Chicago; ten other cities where it's already working; our most bikeable cities
April 16 The value of biking; Cincinnati staircases; how not to get hit by cars
April 9 Intense density; the subways of North America; 3D printing and the future of cities
April 2 Shared space intersections; density in Florida; the "Omaha Abomination"
March 26 Residential development in an old ballpark; retaining young professionals; a pedestrian roundabout
March 19 London cycling; a decline in driving; world water
March 12 Aquaponics; aging "greenfully"; hobbit houses
March 5 Urban farming; taxing bicyclists; one more thing for millennials to worry about
February 26 Where will all the hipsters go?; not enough rental housing; is it real, or a rendering?
February 19 A net-zero-energy house in Korea; timelapse of commuting flow; "orderly but dumb" processes
February 12 STROADing; improving high-density cities; an Australian heliostat
February 5 "The slow lane to urban density"; improving Nashville's urban agriculture; a low-trash family
January 29 New approaches to 4-way intersections; China's huge demand for coal; food sustainability at Emory University
January 22 A "rational house" and a place to build it; how transit could help another Metro; sick trees, sick people
January 15 The genius of traditional buildings; "pretty much a cat with wings"; the death of the American shopping mall, once more
January 8 More new uses for dead or dying malls; you wouldn't expect an auto company to say this; more proof that renewable energy can work
January 1 Healthier communities attract more jobs; one airport, two million worms; "apodments," not apartments