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Planning Department

Planning Digest 2014

The "Planning Digest" is a selection of web links related to sustainable development, published every Tuesday by the Metro Planning Department. 2014 issues are linked below; previous years' Digests are in the menu to the left.

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Date Description
December 30 Growing support for walkability; safer streets for seniors; the value of walkability
December 23 The ten best bike lanes; dangerously incomplete streets; "5 signs America is falling in love with public transit"
December 16 Suburban walkability; taller wooden buildings; pedestrians in a car-centric world
December 9 Suburbia: stability and change, context and scale, cycling culture and infrastructure
December 2 Emptier parking lots; bicycle lanes in Pittsburgh; walkability and staying alert
November 26 The Swedish approach to road safety; the auto-driven landscape; marginalizing the automobile
November 19 Cooperation and commuter routes; Pittsburgh bike paths; transit benefits in Vancouver
November 12 Seniors and walkability; urban gardens; the most new construction
November 5 Tiny houses; the Cheapest Generation; once a Walmart, now a library
October 22 Reasons for connectivity; why millennials are driving less; bike-friendly universities
October 14 A safe ride to school; Atlanta parking; pedestrian safety improvements
October 1 A state placemaker; lessons from great biking cities; new bike-safety signage
September 16 More bike lanes, fewer delays; a car-free city; a city off the grid
September 2 Smarter growth in Memphis; why some of us don't walk much; growing urban agriculture
August 27 New bridge, no cars; BRT in Michigan; affordable sustainability
August 19 How bike lanes can pay off; why a sense of place is important; the "new American dream"
August 12 Nosepickers and Nashville's future; what we like (and don't) about our cities; the best urban greenspaces
August 6 Trees and cleaner air; slower elevators, smaller waistlines; would you want a longer commute?
July 30 Chattanooga, Eugene, and Ho Chi Minh City; a place for parking places; bike lanes for a day
July 23 The "inevitable" rise of urbanization; "agrihoods"; bike paths and non-biking exercise
July 16 Making cars irrelevant; traffic and transit; "environmental gentrification"
July 9 A "solar decathlon"; $200M worth of salad greens; where cars no longer come first
June 24 Traffic, more traffic, and a house made of waste materials
June 10 High speed, low speed, and the value of good transit
June 4 Urban foraging; lowering speed limits; "legacy architecture"
May 28 The importance of public places; "creative-class counties"; biking to work
May 13 Resiliency; vanishing trash; "skyscrapers in the subdivision"
May 6 The "new American dream"; solar cheaper than oil; what an urban planner really does
April 29 Courtyard houses, a "cultural trail'" and creativity through walking
April 22 Parking-space apartments, empty spaces, and "the new us"
April 15 More people, even more homes; why placemaking works; the value of parking lots
April 8 Dedicated bike lanes, "plywood on steroids," and the price of parking
April 1 Removing freeways; increased demand for walkable, bikable development; traffic without rules
March 25 The "next generation" of downtowns; how demographics affect real estate markets; DIY crosswalks
March 18 Slow zones; the growth of NIMBYism; mid-rise density
March 11 De-clogging a 20-lane street; transit use is up; walkable neighborhoods in Dallas
March 4 Should we build fewer roads?; keeping it vibrant; key elements of walkability
February 25 Is your neighborhood vibrant?; building for sustainability; historic preservation in London
February 18 Could traffic congestion be a good thing?; St. Louis infill; the power of alleys
February 12 Opportunities for young people, the USA's worst city for cycling; freeways which need to go
February 4 When snow meets sprawl; a temporary bike lane; a city where you wouldn't need a car
January 21 Less driving, less interest; a vertical garden; bike improvements in Toronto
January 15 Elevated bikeways, tiny apartments, and the best planning apps
January 6 Micro-restaurants, LEED's progress, and shelter built from shipping containers