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Planning Department

Planning Digest 2016

The "Planning Digest" is a selection of web links related to sustainable development, published every Tuesday by the Metro Planning Department. 2016 issues are linked below; previous years' Digests are in the menu to the left.

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Date Description
December 21 America's best new bike lanes of 2016; the "ghost estates" of Ireland; that's a lot of neon
December 14 Thinking beyond the station; 10,000 acres of green space; not quite there yet
December 6 The "king of roundabouts"; where Broad Street may be too broad; you may be in an urban forest
November 29 More lights, more density; the pedestrian bridge everyone wants to copy; garden city to hockey stick
November 22 More play, less control; what makes a place special?; futuristic ideas for transit
November 15 Voters approve transit funding; creating "friendly alleys"; ineffective bike directions
November 8 Walking in the streets with cars; a glow-in-the-dark bike path; reimagining a riverside
October 26 Making cyclists safer from trucks; the appeal of the suburbs; eliminating downtown parking
October 19 A traffic garden; "Best Building of the Year"; the environmental impact of concrete
October 4 Superblocks; scramble crosswalks; more informative bus stops
September 27 Smarter streets, more sustainable cities; earth-sheltered buildings; transit needs outside Atlanta
September 20 Not in the top 50; no new streetlights for 36 years; safer streets in St. Louis
September 8 Preparing for the next big storm; density and millennials; more affordable solar
August 31 A positive example in McCabe Park; a change of vision in Montreal; a bike trail on the border
August 23 Placemaking around the world; "the gravitational pull of the city"; building homes from recycled plastic
August 17 When conventional bike lanes aren't enough; sharing the streets in NYC; planners and Pokemon Go
August 9 Why Indy is cooler than Brooklyn; why companies are moving back downtown; active transportation
August 2 "Sponge cities" soak up flooding; the end of sprawl?; mapping our mountains of garbage
July 26 Reasons for zoning; seats in the street; why we don't have high-speed rail
July 19 The value of nearby transit; the importance of transit wi-fi; interesting crosswalks
July 13 The best places for carless job hunters; "un-paving"; why tiny houses don't work
June 21 What are street trees worth?; the happiest commuters; light, quick, and cheap placemaking
June 14 Five "myths" about gentrification; aquaculture inside the city; the need for "big infrastructure"
June 8 A dead industrial area comes alive; keeping manufacturing alive; reasons to buy electric cars
June 1 Who bikes to work?; Tennessee's activity "report card"; stuck at home and isolated
May 24 Building a car-free city; a brighter future for suburbia; an off-the-grid city
May 17 Keeping cars out of bike lanes; productive building styles; when we start using transit
May 10 Incomplete streets; more than just bike racks; planning for the car-free generation
May 3 Thoughts on better street design; a different kind of suburb; undoing what interstates have done
April 26 The year's best sustainable buildings; some ideas which could be worth copying; traffic signals at your feet
April 20 The real cost of where we live; step away from the road; walkable, or not?
April 12 Planting forests on the prairie; street networks 101; better parking, better cities
April 6 Safer roads, more riders; outstanding street redesigns; bringing back the corner store
March 29 A change of heart in Boise; "quick-build" street projects; another approach to mall retrofitting
March 22 The cost of commuting; getting used to roundabouts; are roundabouts safer for walkers?
March 15 Repurposing urban space; a park under a rail line; bike sharing may be safer
March 9 Norwegian bike highways; what makes a great public space?; walkability in a Detroit suburb
March 1 An argument for car-free cities; the impact of online shopping; building community through walkability
February 23 Bus rapid transit and economic growth: walkability for seniors; the power of great projects
February 16 "Parasite houses" of Paris; driving the drive-throughs out; giving up cars
February 10 Planning for pre-schoolers; our urban evolution; capping a downtown freeway
February 3 Neighborhood trees and public health; the "Dutch Junction"; what to do with too-wide streets
January 26 The "public transit paradox"; cycle commuting in winter; co-housing in a DC suburb
January 19 Ending a "sprawl subsidy"; moving back to the city; what is a "productive place"?
January 12 Covering a downtown highway; a really bad sidewalk; growth and college football
January 5 Greener offices are healthier; Germany's "bike autobahns"; the best new bike lanes of 2015