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Planning Department

Planning Digest 2017

The "Planning Digest" is a selection of web links related to sustainable development, published every Tuesday by the Metro Planning Department. 2017 issues are linked below; previous years' Digests are in the menu to the left.

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Date Description
December 19
Trends of the past year; Portland bikeway dissatisfaction; "sham" buildings
December 6
 Predictions for the solar industry; tearing out a downtown highway; Denver's bike-ped improvements
November 29
Declining car ownership; 3-D traffic calming; building a stronger neighborhood 
November 21
"Pedestrianizing" an urban street; "exemplary" bicycle infrastructure; taking old buildings out of the box 
November 8
How Houston handled flooding; regulation in the Houston floodplain; tiny, tiny mobile homes
October 31 Would zoning have helped save Houston?; the business case for bike lanes; problems of the "stroad"
October 17 The greener, the better; counting the benefits of light rail; mixed-income housing as an investment
October 4 Two sentences to walkability; a big win for complete streets; why walkability is not a luxury
September 27 City living in abandoned offices; stereotype your city; can BRT help Atlanta?
September 20 How to reduce car/bike crashes by 81%; the "hottest trend in transit"; more lanes, more problems
September 5 How a Spanish city got rid of its cars; preventing another Houston; Portland's new bikeway
August 30 Making the Houston floods worse; Detroit bike priorities; who uses public transit?
August 23 A dangerous bike crossing in Knoxville; better streets, better health; building a new kind of suburb
August 16 A different Power of Ten; the world's biggest bike parking garage... there's no such thing as a free parking spot
August 1 More than a bike/ped trail; convincing derivers to use transit; maybe another effect of gentrification
July 26 Demonstrations of tactical urbanism; assessing your community's greenness; bike boulevards
July 18 Attributes of the "ideal cyclist"; minimum parking in Mexico City; parking spaces of the future
July 11 The USA's worst sprawl; transit hubs of the future; walk, bike, & roll
June 27 Food waste reuse; innovation vs. gentrification; building density by listening
June 21 Transforming an urban downtown; less car-centric since 1949; why millennials want to live downtown
June 14 First a highway, then a forest; new trends in shopping construction; industry's scars on our planet
June 6 How are you gonna keep 'em downtown?; the mall death spiral; bike paths: quality, not quantity
May 31 Once a highway, now a walkway; transit hubs lure development; a popup main street
May 23 A temporary bike lane; America's largest suburb; 85,000 plants on one building
May 16 Why bike lanes are about more than bikes; younger residents, fewer cars; reusing a water park
May 10 If highways were veins and arteries; even if you don't ride a bike; protecting the "invisible riders"
May 3 Un-paving in downtown Dallas; concrete and greenery make for a cooler house; 60 miles, no cars
April 25 Going car-free; meet the "Detroit chicken"; the "Flo" traffic light system
April 18 Outstanding housing designs; a seven-part traffic roundabout; attributes of a good dog park
April 11 "Geniuses of garbage disposal"; understanding floor area ratio; some highly unusual streets
April 4 19th century affordable housing; "life-size LEGOs"; your empty house will cost you
March 28 Retro trolleys in St. Louis; eight cities which might not survive; urban garden experiences
March 22 Pulling back from the suburbs; why European cities are denser; a new city-comparison tool
March 14 Too much parking; building outside the box; listening to the unheard riders
March 7 Street parking becomes a bus lane; Indianapolis gets it; plungers on the street
February 21 The wealth of street trees; good design is sustainable; America's best new bike lane
February 14 New directions in the suburbs; the value of building near transit; bikesharing in Birmingham
February 8 A community built for families; "10 Freeways That Have Got to Go"; meeting the challenges of age
January 31 A city without cars; the best new American architecture; the "superhero of wasted food"
January 17 Transit's positive effects in DC; plastic pollution; no cars allowed there, or there, or there
January 10 How light rail's been good for Charlotte; why "third spaces" are important; a 30-acre green roof
January 3 “Superblocks” in Barcelona; a new "Green Code" in Buffalo; Britain’s 2016 “House of the Year”