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What is a Corridor Design Overlay?

The Corridor Design Overlay, or CDO, is a zoning tool that requires specific design standards for development in a designated area. The Corridor Design Overlay lays on top of the current base zoning and allows for development standards above and beyond those in the base zoning.

The CDO's purpose is to allow for application and implementation of changes to signage, landscaping, and building materials to achieve incremental improvements to the aesthetics of commercial districts and corridors. Read the CDO summary sheet (en español).

Since it is a zone change, a CDO request follows the same procedure as a zone change:

  • Submission to Metro Planning for review,
  • Review and recommendation by Metro Planning staff,
  • Public hearing at Metro Planning Commission,
  • Metro Planning Commission recommendation to Metro Council,
  • Three readings (including public hearing on second reading) at Metro Council, and
  • The CDO must be approved by Metro Council.

What development standards can be regulated through a CDO?

  • Signage
  • Landscaping
  • Building materials on the front facades of buildings

Read the Council Bill that created the CDO.