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Issues to consider before you rezone

  • Talk with your Metro Council member and your neighbors. The Metro Council approves all zone changes, no matter how small, and it's always a good idea to get yours Council member involved early in the process. Council members often host meetings with neighbors who would be impacted by zone changes. If you don't know who your Council member is, call the Council office at 615-862-6780 or check their online map.
  • You might be in a Planned Unit Development (PUD) or a Special Policy (SP). A PUD is a overlay of zoning with additional development standards. If your property is part of a PUD, then you may need to revise or amend the PUD to develop your property. A SP District is a new base zoning district with development standards specific to the individual property. You can find out if your property is part of a PUD or SP by contacting the Planning Department service desk at 615-862-7190 or via Email.
  • The rezoning should fit your area's Community Plan. Davidson County is divided into fourteen communities for planning future growth. The land use policies laid out in these plans guide decisions on zoning and subdivisions; when you apply for a rezoning. It's important to pick a type which fits in with the plan and the community.
  • You might be in a Redevelopment District. The Metropolitan Housing and Development Agency (MDHA) has created redevelopment districts with additional development guidelines for some neighborhoods, primarily in Downtown and inner-ring suburbs. A map of the redevelopment districts and their guidelines are on the MDHA website.
  • You might be in a Historic Zoning District. Some neighborhoods apply for a Historic Zoning District. These are managed by the Metro Historic Zoning Commission and include additional development guidelines to preserve historic or neighborhood character.