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12th Avenue South Bikeway Planning

Through the entire WalknBike master planning process, the section of 12th Avenue South between the Gulch and the 12 South neighborhoods was ranked as the number one bikeway project priority in Nashville. This is especially telling, considering that there are currently bike lanes on most of this section. However, the lanes do not provide a bike connection that is safe and comfortable for all ages and abilities—a fact verified by community members through the engagement process.

Map of 12th Avenue South bikeway project
Map of 12th Avenue South bikeway project

The project for 12th Avenue South will include bike lanes that are physically protected from traffic along the entire route, using trees as that protection as much as possible. In addition, it will also include better bus stops, greenery and stormwater management elements, and safer crossings for people walking—including new islands with flashing lights.

Latest project design

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, planners presented the latest design ideas for bikeways along 12th Avenue South. View the latest design details.

Previous meetings

In the spring and summer of 2018, planners discussed the project with neighborhood associations and worked on community priorities. Planners discussed the 12th Avenue South corridor in sections and highlighted the role each section plays:

  • 11th Avenue South to South Street serves as a gateway into the Gulch and into Downtown. It includes bridge crossings over the interstate. This section provides bikeway connections to 11th Avenue (a complete street) and South Street bike lanes and also connects to WeGo Transit bus route 17 and the Music City Circuit free bus service.
  • South Street to Acklen Avenue is a major commuting route for drivers, bus riders, and bicyclists with major destinations including retail, churches, Carter Lawrence Elementary School, and the Edgehill Public Library. In this section, it proves challenging for users to cross the street. Wedgewood Avenue is also a major barrier for people trying to cross the street.
  • Acklen Avenue to Ashwood Avenue serves as a gateway into the 12South neighborhood and Belmont University. In this section of the corridor, more houses face 12th Avenue, and there is consistent parking on the street. Major destinations include some retail and houses of worship. The street narrows as it approaches Ashwood Avenue.

Meeting attendees could choose from the following design elements:

  • Trees, plants, water treatments
  • Parking
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Tactical urbanism (flexible, low cost, short-term projects) and art
  • Slow down cars
  • Better bus stop access
  • Maximize space for driving

Community priorities included trees, plants, and water treatments; pedestrian crossings; slow down cars; and better bus stop access.

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