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Downtown Bikeway Planning

Thank you for visiting our website on Downtown Bikeways. As Nashville continues to grow at a rapid pace, safely getting around our city is critical to get people to their jobs, to visit our vibrant businesses, and to enjoy what makes our city unique.

It has become clear that there are operational and right-of-way challenges that necessitate further engagement prior to implementing a demonstration project. Therefore, the May delivery time frame will be pushed back to ensure this period of due diligence occurs to address mobility goals, as well as operational and safety issues. This due diligence period will kick off in May and include:

  1. A focus group to review operational and loading needs.
  2. A minimum of two additional meetings of the Steering Committee as well as other outreach as needed.
  3. A review of counts and camera observations from March 2019 to assess all transportation needs in the area.
  4. Continued input through our on-line survey to capture concerns and perceptions before the demonstration project.

Transportation professionals in Planning and Public Works are committed to continuing to explore opportunities for people walking, bicycling, taking scooters, delivering goods, and driving through the area. A steering committee of stakeholders will continue to meet over the coming months to discuss ways to improve mobility in the downtown area. We want to continue to hear from you about the transportation needs in this area of downtown. Please take our survey and send questions or concerns to our staff.

Downtown Bikeway Planning

Downtown is critical to Nashville's economy. Our ability to get in and out, and move around, Downtown keeps it vibrant and keeps people going to all the businesses, restaurants, and bars. Since Downtown transportation is complex, we need to provide order to the different people using the street. We want to demonstrate how a protected bikeway will better organize our streets and obtain data on the impacts there might be to loading and servicing along 3rd Avenue and Commerce Street. These roads were identified in the WalknBike Plan for low-stress bikeways, meaning they are used by all ages and abilities. The demonstration project is an opportunity to address our needs to move around Downtown. Downtown Bikeways projects

We want to hear from you about this project:

Next steps

  • Focus group on operational and loading needs will meet as needed in August.
  • The third Steering Committee meeting - a date in August will be determined and posted here.
  • A public open house will be held once further direction is established with the Steering Committee and additional outreach has occurred. A date will be posted here.

June 28, 2019 Steering Committee meeting 2 materials

March 28, 2019 Steering Committee meeting 1 materials

Additional materials

According to this report, protected bike lanes are good for business.

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