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North Nashville Bikeways Planning

Project Description

In 2018, Metro Planning and Public Works began working with neighborhoods in North Nashville, including Elizabeth Park, Buena Vista, Germantown, and Salemtown on a network of bikeway projects designed for people of all ages and abilities. The result is a network of bikeways to be installed in phases, beginning in August 2019, that provide space for people on bikes to ride safely, enable people walking to cross streets safely, slow down traffic in neighborhoods, and include art in public spaces. Through this process, Metro Planning and Public Works staff worked hand-in-hand with the Metro Arts Commission to ensure that neighborhood residents and business owners were leading the changes to their streets.

These investments also represent collaboration between non-government groups such as the Cumberland River Compact, Walk Bike Nashville, and the Nashville Civic Design Center; culminating in the first Open Streets event in North Nashville and a Metro investment of nearly three million dollars.

Below you'll find more information about the projects, including schedules and overlaps with street paving.

North Nashville map thumbnail
North Nashville bikeways projects map

Installation Schedule

Fall 2019

Ed Temple Boulevard

  • Ed Temple Boulevard Bikeway Plan
  • Work will occur on Ed Temple Boulevard from Jefferson Street to Clarksville Pike.
  • Street will be paved from Jefferson Street to Buchanan Street.

Arthur Avenue

Buchanan Street / Garfield Avenue

Dr. DB Todd Jr. Boulevard

Spring 2020

Monroe Street

  • Monroe Street Bikeway Plan
  • Work will occur on Monroe Street from Arthur Avenue to the Cumberland River Greenway.
  • Entire street will be paved.

28th Avenue North

  • Work will occur on 28th Avenue North from Charlotte Avenue to Jefferson Street
  • Entire street will be paved

Ready for Construction

Jefferson Street

  • Jefferson Street Bikeway Plan
  • Work will occur on Jefferson Street from Rosa L. Parks Boulevard to Cowan Street.
  • New bicycle connection across the Cumberland River that will connect in the future to Nissan Stadium and the River North development.

12th Avenue Connector

  • Work will occur on 12th Avenue Connector from Monroe Street to 12th Avenue North.
  • Connection to the recently installed bike lanes on 12th Avenue North from the intersection of Arthur Avenue and Monroe Street.


14th Avenue North / Heiman Street

  • Work will occur on 14th Avenue North / Heiman Street from Buchanan Street to Ed Temple Boulevard.
  • Neighborway connection between Buchanan Street and TSU designed to slow down cars an increase safety for people walking and biking (see more about neighborways--neighborhood greenways and/or bike boulevards).


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