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Cleveland Street Complete Streets Project

thumbnail map of Cleveland Street

The WalknBike Plan, Nashville’s bicycle and pedestrian master plan, identifies Cleveland Street between Dickerson Road and McFerrin Avenue as a possible low stress-connection for bicyclists in neighborhoods in and around Cleveland Park and a safe connection to transit lines on Cleveland Street, Dickerson Pike, Meridian Street, Lischey Avenue, and McFerrin Avenue. It could also connect to future BRT Lite bus service on Gallatin Avenue via a future neighborway project on West Eastland Avenue.

This project connects neighborhoods to one another across Ellington Parkway, as well as to schools, parks, community centers, and growth areas. The WalknBike plan recommends that Cleveland Street become a minor protected bikeway.

Community Meetings

Community members giving input on plan

Planners held community meetings in May and June to gather public input on the creation of a safer and more convenient Cleveland Street. Community members placed colored dots on maps of the area to describe their thoughts on possible changes.

First meeting – May 21

Second meeting – June 20

Final Recommended Design Plan

Status of implementation

Cleveland Street will be repaved in Summer 2018 from Ellington Parkway to Dickerson Pike with no current changes from McFerrin Avenue to Dickerson Pike. The bikeway project is on hold.

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