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Components of Access Nashville 2040photo of traffic circle and cars

Access Nashville 2040, a comprehensive, countywide transportation plan, is made up of several component plans which guide transit, street, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure investments.

Major & Collector Street Plan

Staff contact: Michael Briggs, AICP, Transportation Planner (615) 862-7219

Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan

Staff contact: Metro Public Works, (615) 862-8750

Parks & Greenways Master Plan

Staff contact: Tim Netsch, (615) 862-8400

Mass Transit Plan

The strategic transit master plan is currently (fall 2015) being updated. The new plan, nMotion2015, will be completed in 2016.

Staff Contact: Felix Castrodad, Interim Director of Planning and Grants, Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (615)862-5950