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Police Department

Police Records Services Unit

The Records Services Unit is part of the Public Request Section of the Central Records Division. The Records Services Unit fulfills multiple important roles not only within the Central Records Division but also the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department as a whole.

  • It provides a vital communication link between the departments and law enforcement organizations throughout the nation.
  • All of the reports received within the Division are first processed through the Records Services Unit.
  • Serves the public, private businesses, law enforcement organizations with various service via the public counter, postal mail, and email.

Crash Reports for Inspection

In accordance with the legal requirements to provide crash reports for inspections, the data of the reports are available at our Crash Reports Data SharePoint site in XML format.

To search this XML file, you will need to use the “Control-F” combination on your keyboard, and the “Find” search box will appear where you can type in your search word(s).

The name fields on the XML crash data are listed in red. The information listed in black would be the information entered by the officer for that particular crash report.

Contact Information

Records Services Unit
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department
811 Anderson Lane, Suite 100
Madison, TN 37115

Phone: 615-862-7631