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Police Department

Evidence Receiving Unit of the Police Crime Lab

The Crime Lab Evidence Receiving Unit receives evidence daily from the Property and Evidence Section. They deliver evidence that has been requested for analysis by the District Attorney’s Office, detectives and officers.

Once the evidence arrives at the Crime Lab, personnel ensure it is properly sealed and packaged before being accepted. Then they will enter the case information into our Laboratory Information Management System. The evidence is temporarily housed in one of two vaults until distribution. A forensic unit will then be notified of the new request and evidence to be processed. The scientist or technician will then take custody of the evidence assigned to them. Once all tests have been completed, the evidence (where applicable) is checked back in to the Unit and returned to the Property and Evidence Section.

Lou Anne Corcoran
Evidence Receiving Unit Supervisor, Lou Anne Corcoran

Additional Staff: 4 Evidence Receiving Technicians