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Police Department

Identification and Administrative Section

The Identification and Administrative Section consists of the Ten Print Unit and houses the MNPD’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Fingerprint specialists utilize AFIS to search arrestee fingerprint submissions that are received electronically from a booking station. Submissions are then searched against a database of 500,000+ prints for potential candidates. Following search results, a fingerprint specialist makes the final determination of identity. Additional duties of the Ten Print Unit include providing fingerprinting to the public for civil purposes, providing authorized mugshots to the public, comparing prints in cases of false identity, and comparing and identifying prints of deceased.

Mugshot requests are handled through the MNPD Records Division.

Chris Blackwell

Additional Staff: 1 Ten Print Unit Supervisor, 3 Ten Print Unit Technicians and 2 Forensic Services Division Administrative Assistants