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Dear Chief Anderson,

I am writing because I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Nashville. I am police officer in Victoria, British Columbia and was fortunate enough to attend the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators annual training conference which was held at the Millennium Maxwell House from November 12th to 16th. During that week I was able to spend one full day and several evenings walking in the downtown area from Broadway to Charlotte Avenue. On each occasion that I wandered around taking in the sights, I noticed a significant police presence. During the day I observed your officers patrolling in police cars. In the evenings I noticed your officers patrolling on foot. I’m sure that I saw a police officer about every 15 to 20 minutes. I was impressed with this level of police presence. Like Nashville, my home city of Victoria is a tourist destination. My division is responsible for policing the downtown core, the area most saturated by visitors, which number about three million annually. Our police force is comprised of about 240 officers. We struggle with providing enough resources to our tourist area, while maintaining a presence in outlying neighborhoods that have serious and frequent crimes, not seen by visitors. You seem to have found a way to provide an excellent level of service for your downtown. As a visitor I was able to see how this translates into a tangible sense of security and order, allowing for the enjoyment of what Nashville has to offer. And incidentally, I had occasion to speak briefly with several of the MNPD officers I encountered. Each was friendly and professional. Though they must tire of dealing with tourists they did not show it! My compliments to you and your police department. I have come back to Victoria with a fresh perspective and a renewed commitment to making our city feel as safe as yours.

Best regard,

Victoria Police Department
Focused Enforcement Division
850 Caledonia Ave.
Victoria BC   V8T 5J8