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Police Department

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

DARE car DARE class

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE), is a drug and violence prevention program. Specially trained uniformed police officers teach a 17 week, semester long, copyrighted curriculum. The end result is to equip our youth with life skills to resist peer pressure in hopes of stopping the desire to become involved with harmful drugs and violence. Fifth grade students in the Metropolitan Public Schools are the primary focus of the program. However, the officers have additional assignments inside each of the schools that they teach the curriculum.

Officer and student talking

They visit with all other grade levels PK - 5 (including Special Ed) with the endeavor to build a strong rapport between the police department and our community. These assignments vary and are unique to the individual school or Principals' needs. They consist of counseling sessions, participation during physical education, lunch with the kids, field trips, PTO/ PTA meetings, school Open House, after school plays, fund raising dinners, ball games, and foremost, secure the overall safety of our students. DARE teaches our students real life skills that help them resist peer pressure to use drugs and become involved in violence. It teaches them to make good decisions by considering the consequences both positive and negative.

DARE truck

Telephone: (615) 862-7606 or (615) 880-3010 - Hours Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.