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Community Services Bureau Employee Awards

2019 Officers of the Month

  • January: Eric Hall, Edward Holden, Benjamin Froehlich, Steven Frazier, James T. Smith And Charles Griffin
  • February: Conor Cronin, Jonathan Sharp, William Clemons and Melody Saxon
  • March: Lindsey Anderson, William Erickson, Amanda Fox and Bryan Byrnes
  • April: David Stanley, Abbey Sowl, Gregory Dixon, Brett Johns, Charles Morgan and Jesse Holt
  • May: Kelby Dumond, Brett Johns and Forrest Drake
  • June: Riley Brewer, Brandon Tennant, Edward Conrads and Patrick Cuthbertson
  • July: Brenton Adcox, Joel Cottrill, Michael Richardson and John Daugherty
  • August: Brett Johns, Tyler Manivong, Waylon Proffitt, Jean McCormick and Jerica Gladston
  • September: Jeffrey Mullins, Sara Lober and Jesse Holt
  • October: Jason Hees, Rickie Corman, Colin Feeney, Trevor VonDohlen
  • November: Gordon Stovall, Johnathon Birdwell, Jospeh Zambardi, Codey Mullins
  • December: Ashton Hill, Jeremy Spoonmore, Sara Lober, Zachariah Bevis
  • Officers of the Year 2019: Gordon Stovall, Brett Johns, Patrick Cuthbertson

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