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Police Department

Community Services Bureau

Precinct Commanders

Gordon Howey David Imhof, East Precinct Preston Brandimore Sebastian Gourdin, Madison Precinct Kay Lokey, Midtown Hills Precinct Terrence Graves, North Precinct Paul Trickey, South Precinct Marlene Pardue, West Precinct

Community Services Bureau Employee Awards

2018 Officers of the Month

  • January: Benjamin Spees, Alex Lampley, Justin Coyle, Blake McKay, Desmond Sumerel, Freddirico Pye
  • February: William Ashworth, Richard Conger, Christopher Davis, and Michael Wolterbeek
  • March: Trey Pruett, Randall Smith, Joshua Hill, and Christopher Cote

2017 Officers of the Month

  • January: Officers Terrance Stuckley, John Patton, and Kyle Whitfield; Investigator Garrett Kidd
  • February: Officers Geoffrey Daugherty and Matthew White; Investigators Jonathan Jones and William Dean
  • March: Officers Michael Douglas, Cory West, Michael Baron, and Tyler Manivong; Investigators Anthony Chandler, Brittany Shoesmith, and Zachariah Bevis
  • April: Officers John Anderson and Wesley McClelland; Investigator David Harper
  • May: Officers Sandra Talavera, Brian Smith, Christopher Mackey, and Clinton Shroeder; Investigator Tim Weaver
  • June: Officers Lee Davis, Cameron Brown, and Peter Finnegan; Investigator Seth England
  • July: Officers Steven Rowlett, Gerry Hutcheson, Christopher Alsup, and Robert Goodwin; Investigator Andrew Davis
  • August: Officers Marcus Darden and Randy Heinze; Investigator Nicholas Kulp
  • September: Officers Justin Chisholm, Robert Goodwin, and Eddie Clemons; Investigator Cole Womack
  • October: Officers Jarred Ruhlman and Blaze Williams; Investigators Derry Baltimore, Danny Warren, and Desmond Sumerel
  • November: Officers Roy McElwee, Wesley McClelland, and Robert Goodwin; Investigator Russell Thompson
  • December: Officers Benjamin Froehlich and Ronald Raynore; Investigators Jonathan McGowen and Ricki Armstrong

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