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Precinct Commanders

Gordon Howey David Imhof, East Precinct Preston Brandimore Sebastian Gourdin, Madison Precinct Kay Lokey, Midtown Hills Precinct Terrence Graves, North Precinct Paul Trickey, South Precinct David Corman, West Precinct

Community Services Bureau Employee Awards

2018 Officers of the Month

  • January: Benjamin Spees, Alex Lampley, Justin Coyle, Blake McKay, Desmond Sumerel, Freddirico Pye
  • February: William Ashworth, Richard Conger, Christopher Davis, and Michael Wolterbeek
  • March: Trey Pruett, Randall Smith, Joshua Hill, and Christopher Cote
  • April: David Moser, Taylor Jeansonne, Brent Bauer, Po Cheng and John Daugherty
  • May: David Snowden, Aaron Jones, William Bolan
  • June: Steven Rowlett, Nicholas Diamond, Paul Harris
  • July: Madison Meiss, Joshua Murray, Wesley McClelland, John Daugherty and Mikala Moore
  • August: Douglas Smith, Andrew Richey, Robert Croteau, Wesley McClelland and Derry Baltimore
  • September: Stephen Fouche, Albert Wilson, William Ashworth and Sgt. Gary Smith
  • October: Dontaveous Eubanks, Samuel Sundra, Trenton Searcy, Steven Frazier and Forrest Drake
  • November: William Williams, Alex Dibermardo, Charles Large and William Bolan
  • December: Paul Junkman, Ashley Coon, Jesse Holt
  • 2018 Officers of the Year: Justin Coyle, Blake McKay, Benjamin Spees, Alex Lampley and William Ashworth.

Police Officers of the Year

Benjamin Spees and Alex Lampley

Patrol Officers of the Year

Justin Coyle and Blake McKay

In the late afternoon of January 12, 2018, Queshan Brooks committed unthinkable crimes. The 24-year-old opened fire on his stepmother outside her Jenkins Court home, as well as her two daughters, ages 5 and 8. The two girls were killed. Twenty minutes later, Brooks carjacked an Impala from a 70-year-old Nashville man, shooting and killing him in the process. He also wounded the murder victim’s passenger.

Less than an hour after the carjacking, Officers Lampley and Spees located the vehicle unoccupied and disabled on I-40 near 51st Avenue. Officer Lampley alertly spotted footprints in the snow and saw a man walking in the distance on 52nd Avenue toward Charlotte Avenue. Officers Coyle and McKay stopped the man, later identified as Queshan Brooks, and noticed that his shoes had a unique tread, which matched the footprints discovered outside the carjacked Impala.

The teamwork of these four officers ended an extremely violent rampage that had put innocent persons in West Nashville at extreme risk.

Precinct Investigator of the Year

Detective William Ashworth

Detective Ashworth led more than a month of intense investigation into the August 17th murders of Bartley Teal and Jaime Sarrantonio outside the Cobra Nashville bar on Gallatin Avenue.

He coordinated efforts with several MNPD investigative components and conducted numerous interviews with victims, witnesses and ultimately three suspects. Two of them, Horace Williamson and Demontrey Logsdon are charged on a number of criminal counts, including first-degree murder, especially aggravated robbery, aggravated robbery and especially aggravated kidnapping.

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