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Police Department

Compstat Reports and Crime Analysis Publications

The Crime Analysis Section provides the following documents as a management and strategic planning tool for use by Metro Nashville Police employees. In the interest of transparency of operations, deployment of personnel and resources, crime reduction initiatives, and related operations, we are pleased to make these internal Compstat reports and analytical summaries available to the public. Learn more about the Compstat process.


Unless otherwise stated, all data, metadata and related materials are considered to satisfy the quality standards relative to the purpose for which the reports were generated-for use as an internal Police planning and management tool. Although this data and associated metadata have been reviewed for accuracy and completeness and approved for internal use by the Police, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the display or use of the data for any use other than that which it was intended; nor shall the act of distribution or use of the data or reports by non-Police parties, either whole or in part, constitute any such warranty.

Where possible or appropriate, footnotes or other references to context or regarding data limitations known to us at the time of report creation, have been provided.

Weekly Compstat Reports

Council District Crime Reports

Motor Vehicle Stop Data Collection Analysis

Quarterly Community Engagement Reports

Density Maps With Victim / Suspect Demographics