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TCA §33-3-117 Reporting

(a) If a service recipient is involuntarily committed to an inpatient treatment facility under this title, the inpatient treatment facility shall report the service recipient to local law enforcement as soon as practicable, but no later than the third business day following the date of such commitment, who shall report the service recipient to the federal bureau of investigation-NICS Index and the department of safety as soon as practicable, but no later than the third business day following the date of receiving such notification, for the purposes of complying with the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007, Public Law 11 0-180, as enacted and as may be amended in the future.

(b) If an inpatient treatment facility is required to report pursuant to subsection

(a), the facility shall report the following information:

(1) Complete name of the person involuntarily committed;

(2) Date involuntary commitment was ordered;

(3) Private or state hospital or treatment resource to which the individual was involuntarily committed; and

(4) Date of birth of the person involuntarily committed.

(c) The information in subdivisions (b)(1)-(4), the confidentiality of which is protected by other statutes or regulations, shall be maintained as confidential and not subject to public inspection pursuant to such statutes or regulations, except for such use as may be necessary in the conduct of any proceedings pursuant to §§ 39-17-1316, 39-17-1353 and 39-17-1354.

For compliance with TCA § 33-3-117, the inpatient treatment facility located within Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County, TN should complete the below form and click “submit” to generate the required report submission.



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